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for Friendship to Home

9/14/2023 c49 186nebula2
Seems like everything is coming together for the new family. I love that you put descriptions in about each of the new hires as well as finally gave us a little more information on Charlie and Zeke. Looking forward to seeing how all of this unfolds.

The conversation with Tim and Jessica was well executed. I liked that Mitch shared with Tim his reasoning of not wanting to ask Lou. Giving their past, that would probably have felt awkward but by having the sharing take place you show that Mitch and Tim's relationship has been strengthened some - as well as that act strengthening it.

Though this was very much a filler type chapter, providing readers with information rather than anything exciting happening, you executed it in a way that it flowed well and didn't seem to bog down the story. Nicely done!
9/13/2023 c50 11Eilie Hunter
Loved the sweet adoption ceremony and that the judge could clearly see and feel the love. Nice to make Lyndy feel an extra connection to the judge with her ring, plus he had another insight into the new family. Lyndy's comments are always a delight!
Mitch is showing us how wonderful a husband and father he is. As the judge commented, we need more like Mitch!
Sweet chapter and now I look forward to the grandparents' arrival and the naming ceremony. Always happy to see new chapters in my inbox, although I apologize for the delayed review! No reflection on quality or content, I just get busy.
Thank you for this story that redeems HL for me!
Every blessing,
9/13/2023 c48 186nebula2
What a packed chapter! Wonderful job. They really did have a full weekend but they are growing strong bonds for their new family.

I like how you portrayed Caleb in this chapter. Giving his bond with Ty, it would be hard for him to hear Lyndy call another man Daddy. However, I like that he allowed himself to feel it, recognize it, and acknowledge it as something he needed to work through on his own terms rather than acting out. The Caleb we first got introduced in the show would probably be making things miserable for Mitch but like all the characters, Caleb has matured over the seasons according to his story arc. You capture that beautifully. I also may have teared up during his talk with Mitch - very well written and emotionally provoking!

Wonderful chapter! Glad I can finally get caught up on this story!
9/12/2023 c47 nebula2
What a sweet chapter. I like that they are reconfirming with Caleb and Cass about guardianship. It would be important to make sure Caleb and Cass are okay with keeping Doc and Ginny in the family loop now that they are a part of Lyndy's family. Did you have Caleb and Cass meet Mitch's family yet?

It seems new routines are being formed along with new traditions. Loved that Lyndy wants to do family night every Friday. Mitch and Amy better enjoy it now before she wants to hang out with her friends on Friday nights rather than her parents.

Enjoyed the extra information about the Claddagh ring. fit right into the flow of the story!
8/27/2023 c50 8Missela
Aw! I love that he's her daddy now in every way!
8/27/2023 c49 Missela
Everything is going well! I'm glad that they have the new hires they need.
8/23/2023 c49 1BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK
Such fun Easter Eggs here. Thanks for including a little bit of 'me' in this story. Especially being Charlie ;)
8/23/2023 c50 Reader2505
Thanks for more wonderful chapters. Love how Mitch looked after Amy. So glad lyndy is officially his daughter and looking forward to the dog.
8/23/2023 c50 SaSeLi777
This was so beautiful!
8/23/2023 c50 taucher191266
Ok, so partly not my favorite subject, but well done as always! The adoption ceremony was wonderful and that you had the judge have a Claddagh wedding ring added a bond with Lyndy to the ceremony. Mitch definitely takes good care of his girls in all aspects of parenting and marriage.
8/21/2023 c48 8Missela
I loved the mud pies! So much fun!
8/21/2023 c47 Missela
Family night went well!
8/21/2023 c46 Missela
Well, the business discussions went well. As did the discussion with Logan.
8/21/2023 c45 Missela
I've been waiting for Lyndey's room reveal! Mitch had to keep her from it, but finally, they got to see it! It's good to have them all together now. Where they belong. Including the horses.
8/21/2023 c44 Missela
A lovely return! That casserole was so thoughtful, and hit the spot!
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