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8/14/2023 c23 Guest
Good direction to continue in. Love the family interaction. It's ok to have the Palmers be happy.
7/7/2023 c1 Amanda Collins
I am really enjoying your story. Wish you could update more but I understand you are probably busy. In the last chapter I have to say that I am liking seeing Jess as a mom and think she will be a great mom to a baby. And it’s your story so I am not going to tell you what you should do but I will say, I see Jimmy and Jess having another girl instead of a boy. I don’t know why, I guess it’s bc Jimmy is such a great girl dad already that having a boy would be kinda weird and totally different. But like I said it is your story and I would still read even if you have them have a boy. Great job though, keep it up.
6/5/2023 c21 16the Mandalorian terminator
Great chapter! I'm a huge fan of Knight and Palmer they are soo cute together and my new favourite NCIS couple
5/20/2023 c2 2maxiemilogh08
That was sweet & cute.
5/9/2023 c1 maxiemilogh08
That was very sweet!

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