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3h c15 Shortmike24
hahahaha. love it. thanks for the chapter
9/20 c15 Mtz817
Thanks for writing this story this is the second story from you I have read back to back. Looking forward to Hogwarts
9/20 c15 19orthankg1
Very nice.
9/19 c15 Meteormancy
9/18 c15 2Tealgryffin
Hell yeah new chapter!

Thanks chief :D
9/17 c15 juni.clon.ado
9/17 c15 Xemenon
Nice chapter.
9/17 c15 Oscar Sampedro Lopez
hahaha, Narcissa is going to get the Apolline treatment. Thank for the chapter.
9/17 c15 Jeffrey O'Brien
Whooooo whoooooo pulling into the main plot! So excited!
9/17 c15 2rb2312
Nice chapter.

Love that harry seems to genuinely love little gabby. He deserves some real happiness in his life.
Not that he is not enjoying things with the other ladies of the house.

Guessing with ron he is going for the 'friends close, enemies closer' route.

Looking forward to seeing how the train ride and sorting go.

Wonder if draco will now be spouting, 'when my mother hears of this'

Can not recall what harry plans for sirius are in this story
9/16 c15 starboy454
Excellent update
9/16 c15 7jh831
You might want to slow down/ glammer Harry to look like a normal 11 year old.
Harry would draw to many questions on why he looks like a 14 year old in first year.
Looking forward to the next chapter
9/16 c15 2Xerzo LotCN
I'm surprised at the time skip I figured we see him taming fleur
But hopefully in a couple uar Gabby adds herself

Though also surprised he hasn't taken more milfs already I guess soon

But now is time to get all the school girls and the ok number of hot teachers
I mean technically can have tonks in her last year get her now lol they be good 2 early in to amy lol
9/16 c15 1WOLF-GOST
thanks for the longer chapter. update soon please:)
9/16 c15 Ronin Kenshin
great work
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