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10/3/2023 c13 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Awh, kinda hoped Kurotsuchi might defect for Narutonof they got to know each other. Iwa is too harsh and she doesn't deserve that. They'd make a good team if they could get passed mutual trauma.
10/3/2023 c9 N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Wow, kinda feel bad for Kurosutchi. In a way I want her to be with Naruto as a snub to Iwa and their idiocy. War is war.
3/21/2023 c13 10Blandusername
Naruto really fell off hard. Sakura caught up to him nearly which is crazy when he has years of a head start and Kakashi taught him a damn near useless sensing jutsu that has literally never help in the story when it mattered, and a armor jutsu…meanwhile Sakura has a bunch of water jutsu better Taijutsu, genjutsu and medical jutsu. Sasuke was given the chidori immediately…. Naruto is the weakest here and it’s really annoying considering how strong he was supposed to be in the earlier chapters.
3/4/2023 c13 surya25addanki
It seems to me that Naruto is kinda stagnating here, all he is learning are earth clones and they are not as versatile and numerous as shadow clones and wind is not being used as much either
3/2/2023 c13 LacunaLuna
Wow, the Hyuga situation is really interesting. I wonder if Neji is really going to go ahead with this. And I wonder what nation Hiruzen is talking about at the end of the chapter with regards to destroying their technology? Another great packed chapter!
3/2/2023 c13 1Lilthug
Whoa, this chapter was brutal towards Hinata. I kinda forgot about Neji, but my memory came back. I was surprised he actually did something like this. I feel really bad for her since she herself had not done anything to Neji. Then Sasuke also being targeted for his eyes, Kuro out for Naruto's blood, Jirayia and Ame. There is a lot going on in this chapter. Great job.
2/19/2023 c12 Lilthug
I like that you skipped over the written exam and went straight to the forest of death. I worry for Naruto now that Kurotsuchi is out for blood. It's like how Garra was obsessed with Sasuke because they had the same eyes. Speaking of Garra, I wonder if he'll still be fixated on Sasuke this time around.
2/6/2023 c11 2Azria-Night-Song
This was a really fun chapter! I thoroughly enjoyed Sakura’s fight with Naruto. I think you’ve shown her growth really well, which is always great to see.

The party is interesting! I love Naruto in orange! I like that although you’ve changed his character to be a bit smarter and more mature, he’s still Naruto.

Also: I like the idea of Orochimaru rejoining Akatsuki… I wonder if he’ll agree?
2/2/2023 c11 1Lilthug
The fight scene between Naruto and Sakura was pretty good. She's come a long way and I'm happy to see it. It looks like the higher ups in the fire country are taking an interest in Team 7 so I wonder where that's going. No doubt Orochimaru's absence will cause a huge domino effect. You continue to surprise me with these changes to the story and how active you have Nagato.
2/1/2023 c11 LacunaLuna
I love how Sakura is on an even playing field with Naruto and Sasuke now - this fight was really good at showcasing this! I'm also really curious on why the Hokage arranged the dinner gathering.
1/27/2023 c10 2Azria-Night-Song
You were right; I did really enjoy this chapter.
Okay, first of all I love that you actually made the third hokage care about Naruto. Obviously in the manga/anime he cared, but it wasn’t enough for what Naruto needed. I also love the interaction between him and Jiyriya. I also like their spy’s nickname; both clever and quite obvious for the reader to know who he was talking about.
Also I knew you would do something different, and you did not disappoint! I really love the direction you’re going with this! I really like having the different POVs, and skipping the fight between the demon brothers and Team Seven altogether. AND Kakashi’s decision being different is really refreshing.
Also, Kakashi being so protective of his genin will never not be a highlight! I am really excited for when they do encounter Zabuza and Haku though.
I also liked Nagato and Itachi; I’m excited to see what more will be done (and also how Neji is going to impact the chunin exams…)
In other words: as always, I loved it. Keep writing, it’s going great.
1/26/2023 c10 1Lilthug
I'm liking the characterization of Kakashi. Dude is a straight up beast. Was disgusted that scumbag was thinking about raping Sakura. Though I'm not surprised there are people like that in the world.

I like skipping wave. Many stories add it in and while it's important for many reasons, it wouldn't have the same impact here since team 7 is already in a better place.

Sasuke not wanting to kill Naruto because he knows that memory will be in his mind forever is interesting. I always forget the sharingan grants perfect memory. My guess on where Nagato is sending Itachi is Uzushio. That's the best place I can think off.
1/26/2023 c10 Monfe7
I’m in awe of this Kakashi. He’s a beast and I especially love how you depict the sound of the Raikiri as basically a death sentence.

Look forward to next chapter.
1/25/2023 c10 LacunaLuna
This was fascinating, specifically how you explored the implications of a client lying about mission details - and that last bit: I'm curious what Nagato and Itachi are looking for. Honestly I'm happy you skipped the Wave arc - it does get a bit tiring reading the same arc across different fics, so this AU approach is great! Thanks for the update :-D
1/24/2023 c9 2Azria-Night-Song
My thoughts during this chapter:
1. What Nagato said at the end of his battle: oh snap! I am so looking forward to seeing how that plays out!
1. Sakura is literally the sweetest! Also Sasuke interrupting was just perfect lol
3. Kakashi. I just LOVE his interactions with literally everyone here haha
4. Jiraiya! Yay!
5. I’m also really excited to see how you handle the Wave arc. Usually it’s done very similarly in other fics (not necessarily bad in any means), but I have a feeling you have VERY fun things in store for us. You’ve proven yourself a good writer already with original stuff, so I’m intrigued to see how you’ll do something that’s already canon, and then making it your own.
5. (In regards to the conversation in Iwa) Ahhh! “I’m disappointed in you” hurts my heart, but a fantastic reaction. I love that they are going to be part of the Chunin exams!

I don’t know how you do it. With each chapter, you surprise me with just how blatantly good your writing is! Thanks for another wonderful chapter, DoctorNiklaus!
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