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4/10 c8 1rajeshkont
9/11/2023 c5 Guest
hmm. kratos deserves a nap.
5/6/2023 c8 K.K
Honestly it because your story takes place after God of War 3. Things should be fine
Ragnorak is a bit ahead of where your Kratos is.

I think Ragonrak and 4. Would good things to have down for when trying to write out a Kratos that has tried and mostly moved on.

Though enjoy the game.
5/6/2023 c8 Marlone
Don't worry pal, take all the time that you need to play and enjoy God of War Ragnarok, we can waits for this story when you're ready :)
5/6/2023 c8 WN-Bruh
5/6/2023 c8 MarauderPrime12
Fair enough
We will be here
We will be waiting
5/6/2023 c8 1TheBeatles211
That’s fine, you won’t be disappointed in playing GoW: Ragnarok. The story was amazing. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon.
5/6/2023 c8 Azure Sky Dance
More waiting. Hurray. Well back to waiting!
5/6/2023 c8 drifter within the rift
take your time dude, and have fun!
5/6/2023 c8 GreenGun03
no problem!
I will wait while also play GoW:Ragnarok as well.

By the way, what is your build? I'm using kratos as semi tank-luck build, while until freya as damage dealer.
5/2/2023 c1 Marlone
Regarding to your question Guy, about some meeting between the Queen Mirelia and Kratos, to be honest, i imagines it more positive and functional, at least in comparison with Fitoria, because unlike the Queen Filolial, the Queen Mirelia could be more open-minded to negotiates and accept some deals with Kratos, than tries to imposes her authority toward him like Fitoria.

Making that maybe both managed some deals, like that Kratos won't be politically tied and restricted to stay in Melromarc, also that she don't tries to controls him in anyway, nor forces him to marries Melty. Adding that perhaps Mirelia convinces Kratos from spares Trash and Bitch, because if he is like his version of God of War (2018), i guess that this Kratos could be more merciful to spares their miserables lives, much like he did it with Baldur, after defeated him in the final battle, by the insistence of Atreus and Freya, though that he ended killing him in the end, out of self-defense to protects Freya when Baldur was still adamant in get revenge.

Meaning that despite to some possibles disagreements and tension, maybe the Queen Mirelia and Kratos can keeps a relatively cordial relationship, unlike Fitoria, whom Kratos could even ended comparing her with people like Ares, Zeus, Gaia and Athena, for tried to uses him like her pawn.

PS. You're welcome :)
4/28/2023 c7 shriramasokan
Should've referenced playstation all star video game in the story
4/20/2023 c7 4EricFreak
An interesting story.
4/15/2023 c7 Guy
Oh boy. Another strawberry shortcake chapter.

Is it me or did Kratos just use his late brother's name to cover his? I mean, do the people of this shield hero world know his name by now? Cause even though the chapters are short. Some parts might need to be filled. But that's for later.

Another head scratcher here:

What would the Queen Mirellia Q Melromarc meet or think of Kratos. Again I have not much of info of her. Just like my last question of Fitoria.

A big thank you to the one who read and answered my question.

This one would be indeed a head scratcher. We know Kratos will not be in anyone's business. We're pretty sure he may not accept to be a bodyguard to her other daughter. The one with at least a brain unlike her brain dead of a sister who's mind is on her weak mammaries.

Anywho. Yep I wonder how the queen would think of our main protagonist ghost of Sparta or how she may behave despite Kratos not in a mood in others people business.

In other words. That one person that mentioned Sadeena would be one only potential pair to the ghost of Sparta. If Kratos and Sadeena do become one. Then it would be a whale of a good time... No? Ok.
1/23/2023 c7 Azure Sky Dance
Should’ve had him say his own name instead of Deimos.
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