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2/5 c37 cocoa blizzard
Good chapter
2/5 c36 cocoa blizzard
1/29 c37 8dazzleglo
Loved it.
1/28 c37 biblepam
happy times! thanks for the update.
1/28 c36 biblepam
Baby time!
1/28 c37 acw1
1/28 c36 acw1
:). Great
1/27 c37 Pattsy1994
We're getting married, yippee. I hope they include Esme.
1/27 c36 joshuasmom131
Can’t wait to see if Edward will propose
1/27 c35 joshuasmom131
Great chapter!:)
1/27 c36 Pattsy1994
My my, l hope Edward wouldn't be opposed to being a daddy again. That will really do Bella in.
1/27 c6 motherbeatrice
wow, she cannot catch a break that 's for sure...this Edward is kind of an arse...well, with a dad like Carlisle...and the ex wife, ugh.
1/27 c36 lillianolivia.white
Bella did exactly what she should have. Edward will want this baby and Pat too. Bella can still do her Goldsmithing. She might have to wait until the baby comes, because of the fumes. I am so excited for this baby. Now get back home before Carlisle And Aro grab her. i am so glad she didnt try to hit it from him. Now I hope Edward is ok.
1/27 c37 ClaceLover08
i want more please i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :) & i love Bella & Edward together & I’m happy that Bella & Edward are getting Married & I’m happy that Bella & Edward are having a baby
1/27 c37 Dulce Carolina
I love this story
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