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2/24 c1 50-861-8274
Tim’s description of waking up and the calm he felt is beautiful:)
12/10/2022 c1 melody
this was great ... I loved when Tim told Angela how being with Lucy had made him feel ... you did that very well ... it warmed my heart it was the Tim I have been waiting to see. I hope you take it to the next step. In reality one of them will have to move to another office ... but maybe not cuz normally when someone makes Sgt they need to go to another office because it is hard for the officers that he has been with for years will be able to look at him as his superior officer... so I was surprised when Tim stayed as a Sgt ... so maybe they will just work different shifts that is also hard on a relationship. When I thought Tim would be moving to a new office I thought we would have Tim and Lucy together doing Tim and Lucy stuff and we would have Lucy still in the old office and things going on their as usual and then Tim in a new office with things from that office on the show then ... so I am not sure how their relationship and the office will go cuz I thought for sure Tim would have to go to another office so we will see... but keep writing you did a great job here
12/9/2022 c1 Guest
Loved this. They’ll be so god together
12/6/2022 c1 Guest
12/5/2022 c1 Maggi Djurdjevic

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