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21h c36 MadMooey18
I really love this story. I love the personalities of each character. I can’t wait until Bella tells Edward about her being Nala. I don’t think he’ll know what to do and why she didn’t tell him before hand. Yikes!
21h c36 lillianolivia.white
This chapter was so good. The stuff Lauren said was just terrible, but it is typical for someone like her, total misunderstanding of Bella’s heritage. Im glad Bella seemed to let it roll off her back. I loved the convo about Chess, and that Bella beat the Master twice. Bella’s parents are so cool, and they trust her. I love them.
6/1 c36 Team66fan
Edward is a good soul.
6/1 c36 Guest
They’re so cute
6/1 c36 Nicoconsd
Gosh I forgot she was 15 too! But Edward is just so cute! :). I'm super curious about the meet and greet with the bio dad though and how that all goes down.
6/1 c36 1JayNahNah
So adorable
6/1 c36 ldroz
Bella have the best parents!
These two are too responsible for their ages.
Love this!
6/1 c36 smallfry.xoxo
"Sweetie, we don't have a gun and knives are messy!" dad shouted back. "Can it not wait until tomorrow?" I almost died laughing. I love their banter. Thank you for another great update!
6/1 c36 NeeNee246
I love this story! I love these characters! These two are very mature and total cuteness! I am excited to read more! ;)
6/1 c36 RandyWriter
Oh man. These two can really melt a page! So cute how obviously Edward is struggling financially (everyone’s noticing his helmet is a big small) but yet he’s still trying to not accept snd tutoring money. Awwww! Her parents are so dang cute trying to give Bella some freedom yet a bit apprehensive she might not be careful! Such a great story! The haunted bedroom! Lol! Yeah just an average teenagers messy and boring space lol. Had me rolling with the “if he leaves” lll! Yeah like her mom and dad weren’t freaking a bit! Such fun! All the little kisses and touches….. swoony sweet! Love if all! Her cat, love it! It was so cute how Bella had the chess board ready and was ready for a kill! How he’s pleading with her not to take up competitive chess, lol! Perfect! So so so glad that Edward fessed up about Lying Lauren! So hurtful but necessary to explain his past relationship. Such a great story! Always puts a smile on my face! ️️️
6/1 c36 Talk
Need trumps want, but their maturity and thoughtfulness temper young love perfectly.
6/1 c36 flyrbrd
6/1 c36 MIRosebud
I’m loving all these tender Edward and Bella moments! These are two very mature teenagers who have got it going on. Having a couple of teenagers myself, I do know that these types of teenagers do exist, albeit not very frequently. So glad they had the Lauren discussion and it was along the lines of what I figured she had said. It’s still a little jarring to know people think like that, even though it’s very clear it’s everywhere given all that’s going on in this country. I’m glad the age thing was discussed as well because regardless of how mature Bella is, 15 is still very young. I hope she opens up soon about all she has going on with her birth father. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful talents!
6/1 c36 CynMar Rom
Progress! Lol
I read this twice last night when I finally, finally had a minute to sit down and read, but fell asleep before I could review.
These kids are so much more mature and open than I was at that age, jeez. Well, I am about Renee and Charlie's age this year, so that makes sense, but still, lol. I'm glad they're having those conversations openly and early, so when the time comes they'll both be ready. I think Edward has definitely done this before, right? It sounds like he has. When is his birthday anyway? isn't there a Romeo and Juliet sort of law in every state?
I don't know how I'm surprised at Lauren's backwards views, I've seen it myself, to this day. I do feel sorry for her, a little bit. Those views and thoughts are not innate, they're taught, so I can only imagine what she gets at home. But still, on this day and age, how can she still not think for herself... maybe when she's older.
I studied quite a bit about the repercussions of being multiracial as a child, so what Bella says is not new to me. In my homeland we're all a mix of something, so race is not quite as an "important" point for kids, but there's definitely some systemic disparity depending on how light or dark one's skin is.
I don't know if you've thought about this but I would loooove al EPOV if his interactions with Bella's parents, that would be amazing just saying.
Thanks for sharing! I loved it!
6/1 c36 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Oh, my! Their progression is just yummy. LOL
‘Considered’ buying a house? Is that like…
“Carried a watermelon,” for the racist? SMH
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