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6/9 c62 1ajuvie
In my head, something happened to Edward, so that not only his cell phone but also his motorcycle were not with him. Hoping he's okay
6/9 c62 Tate.L.N
OMG OMG. What a smart girl! Ahhh
6/9 c62 acw1
6/9 c62 ChristyWIX
She’s so smart to have remained calm through it all. Constantly thinking. Constantly acting upon her ideas. Keeping her breaths calm and fighting for everything in her to get out of this situation. Whomever followed on Edward's bike was an idiot, as it just added them to the kidnapping charges and prison time. Plus, it provided her with the ability to free herself. She just needs to get to a person of the law. Be it a police man or woman. Even a security guard at a box store would do. They could stay with her while they call the police. She was absolutely awesome. Strangely when it dawned on her how Edward would never had asked her to shirk her security at a time like this, whether family or straight up guards, it was the first time it dawned on me too. It was the feather-heart in the message to which I just knew it was him, ugh. So both Bella and I fell for it. Eek.
6/9 c62 DimmDimms
Thank you for the update. Phew Bella lost her head a bit when she didn’t check think before leaving her house but she did well to keep her wits about her in the trunk!
6/9 c62 Adw1099
I wonder if this will make Bella distance herself from Edward this time..."for his protection?" Would be interesting to see the dynamic from the other perspective...
6/9 c62 Elisabeth123
Oh thank goodness! She got away! Yeah! I cannot WAIT for next update. Run Bella Run!
6/9 c62 Guest
6/9 c62 mysticfighter111
I was so wrong about the dinosaurs. This girl is full of resources and determination. I hope she'll make it to safety and in one piece. With the spiritus rector of the kidnapping knocked out cold and Carlisle in another dimension, Peter may not have the guts to go after her alone. If her absence has been noticed, Edward's tracker should lead whoever is looking for her right to the kidnapper's location.
6/9 c62 Kat Ksm
So, not even exaggerating here, I have been checking for an update daily (and multiple times daily) for this story! I truly wasn't expecting one so quickly. However, I am THRILLED to have received one!
That was INTENSE! I felt like I was holding my breath the entire chapter. And her getaway! HOLY MOLEY! Your description was so vivid.
There is still so much that I need to know. She isn't safe just yet. Are people looking for her? Where's Edward? How did they get his bike AND phone? I know that people are concerned how he'll feel responsible for all this; but it sounds to me like he's a victim, too! And he should feel pride that he thought of giving her the necklace.
6/9 c62 18EriCastelo
Bella is a real kick-ass
6/9 c62 edwards-debussy
GO BELLA GO! Thank you!
6/9 c61 ChristyWIX
She's so very down and distraught. Which is completely understandable, as her entire life has blown up. Everything secret is no longer. She and her profession have been unearthed. Her relationship is hanging in the balance, as she has no idea what Edward will choose. Their time is so limited as it is, as he’s off to college soon. In a whole other state if he does choose MIT, which I really hope he does. I loved how Jasper videoed Edward reading the books and his reaction to events in the story. Her lying there and playing with Riley and the dinosaur was so precious. Riley was helping her without knowing so. Such a sweet scene. I really liked Mrs. Glover. Latanya seems to be an absolute perfect fit. I hope she truly is, especially at this time of crises. She doesn’t need anything more added to her plate. Speaking of such, WTF with Vicky and Peter? What do they actually think they’re going to gain here other than an immediate federal prison sentence for kidnapping? They’re so effing stupid, it is scary. Edward won’t even know she’s missing, as he doesn’t have his own phone. Not even sure how this happened. I hope he’s okay and they didn’t drug him. They’d kill him with whatever dose they’d think was an okay amount. He'll wake up and his phone will be missing and not a clue where it is. Which means her parents will be clueless until way too late about her, thinking she just forgot to text she’s staying the night. I waited to read this chapter until you posted the next one.
6/9 c62 traceybuie
Bella is such a little brave bad ass. I hope she doesn't wreck trying to get away from them. Thanks for writing and sharing.
6/9 c62 Guest
Again… please stop leaving us hanging!
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