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4h c52 Jennifer
Has it only been four days since the update? I’m not gonna make it. Tomorrow is Friday… there one of those meeting I read about in the comments?
4h c52 karen4honor
12/6 c52 2MeyaRose
I suspected that since Peter was calling Bella Zendaya and made a point to ask her out, knowing she liked Edward, and then wasn't all that upset when it didn't go anywhere, that if Peter didn't KNOW, he must at least suspect that either the project she was working on was bigger than she was letting on (because there is an NDA), or else she is on a path that is going to lead to big fame, so he really just asked her out so that in the future, he can tell people he was this famous person's first date. Now that we know his parents knew and were terrorizing Bella to blackmail Garrett, it does look to be a bit more insidious.

While I understand Garrett must have so many feelings at the moment that may justify some of his actions, I do think he's manipulative. Granted, he's only been an on-screen character for a few hours at this point, but in that time he has never been completely open and honest. He chose a day to confront Bella when she only had her teenage boyfriend and friends by her side. He did it in plain view of all of her peers without taking her feelings into account. Then he had the appearance of honesty and charm while they were alone, but it's obvious he's left things out since he didn't tell her he was going to confront Renee and slut shame her. Even if Bella was an adult, I'd say she shouldn't be alone with him. He just has too many advantages and too many secrets. Don't trust an actor, indeed.
12/5 c52 Motherofchaos2
GIRL! It just gets better and better! Please BLESS US with another chapter soon!
12/5 c52 Guest
Garrett went super fast from potential mentor to asshole. He gets a pass for committing statutory rape because he believed Renee was of age BUT that last line slutshaming her is not only a low blow but signals that he thinks a 15 year old girl has the ability to consent. (Unless it's his daughter, amirite!?) He implies a minor has agency when she has sex with multiple adult partners (whatever the race) not that multiple men broke statutory rape law when they had sex with a 15 year old (were they all over 18?). Garrett puts the onus on underage Renee. Also, how dare he question Edward? (Who has been more disciplined at 18 about upholding the age of consent law than Garrett at 29. What a hypocrite! And the nerve to critique Charlie and Renee's parenting!? Fugg this guy!
12/5 c51 valentinesgenie
Ooh this was really good Edward is not playing about Bella . What does Garrett have to say ? Great chapter until next time take care.
12/4 c52 Craving2Read
My favorite "drop everything and read" story. Another great chapter, well written, love the plot, love the characters. Truly love the maturity these characters show. Thank you for writing and sharing your talent.
12/4 c52 NeeNee246
OMFNG! THAT WAS A CRAZY ENDING! I am dying to read more! I LOVE this story! ;)
12/4 c52 1Alice's White Rabbit
Wow! Lots of explosions in this chapter. But, that last one was huge!

12/4 c52 VryUnique
Awesome! Great chapter.
I like Garrett and think he was mighty impressed with Bella. She had shown herself
to him as being smart, witty and responsible.
Garrett should have told his bodyguards to let him know when Bella got home so she
didn't hear him laying into her mother.
I guess Garrett has pictures of Edward leaving their house after sleeping over.
Renee was seeing more than Garrett at the time?
How is Bella gonna react to the DNA test? I bet she takes it in stride like she takes
most things.
So it was Peter's parents. I feel bad for Peter, that's if he didn't know about it.
I hope he didn't ask her out by their direction. I guess it's possible the idea was put in
his head by his parents. They could have remarked what a nice girl she was and that he
should ask her out. Which I find plausible that they would want to make a match since
they knew who her father was and possibly how famous she was going to be.
The biggest down side I can see of her father being made public is that it's going to look
like she got her part through nepotism, that she didn't make it on her own.
Thanks for the update! I've been anxiously checking for it every day.
12/4 c52 Tate.L.N
OMG this is everything ive been waiting for. So exciting
12/4 c52 BridieM
Just simply wonderful. Every word! Thank you And such a long (perfect length ;P ) chapter. Thanks again!
12/4 c52 flyrbrd
12/3 c52 Mistydeb
Oh my, what a lovely statement to walk in on. Looks like her day is just going to get much better…not. Debbie
12/3 c52 11MariahajilE
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