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9/18 c44 1twilight4life08
Noooo another cliffie! Such a good chapter.
9/18 c44 traceybuie
Thanks for writing and sharing.
9/18 c44 Lore562
Edward is super cute I love him
9/18 c44 biblepam
When my hubby was commenting once about me reading Fanfic, he said something about me reading port. I told him, "You WATCH porn, you READ smut!", lol. Thanks for the awesome update.
9/18 c44 avcullen
I love it, like always! You are an amazing writer!
9/18 c44 ChristyWIX
Eek! I worried his father would come home. He’s most likely an evil man too. I hope he doesn’t say anything cruel to Bella. Their conversation and openness through this whole chapter was wonderful. I really liked the sweet teasing, the fun and the laughter. These two are so adorable together. I like the idea of him watching the movie with her so she can explain who Garrett is. When she admitted she felt she was another obligation to him and he explained how she very much isn’t, was so sweet. Her panic at him seeing her nipples are not pink was cute. Very much the reminder of how innocent she is, and how mature beyond his years because of his living situation he is. He was absolutely wonderful in how he treated her confession and letting her know he already knew. Them hitting third base was very fun. I’m so glad they are taking the time to reach these milestones. You only get to have your first once. I like how they’re enjoying them. Hopefully, the two of them dress very quickly before the father does something. Not knowing who the person taking photos is, I worry he is hiding in situations like this. I really hope s/he isn’t, but they’ve popped up it weird spots before. Loved this chapter so much. Thank you.
9/18 c44 52old4fanfic
Ohhhh you left us on a cliffie! At least you let them, ahem, finish
9/18 c44 CynMar Rom
Oh no! Is that his dad? Where the heck was he and why did he show up when he wasn't supposed to!?
I'm so glad I read this when alone because i totally gasped out loud!
I loved all their awkward but awesome communication!
I sort of wish I'd done things this way when I was younger but I was more like Alice in that respect. I can only hope my kid will have this kind of experience when she's older.
Thanks for sharing!
9/18 c43 9BookwormBaby2580
I love Riley and I love that Bella won him over and I love being in Edward's house because he badly needs to understand that Bella can handle his life.
9/18 c42 BookwormBaby2580
I absolutely love Bella having all the people on set sign Edward's card. I'm assuming she can't tell them who they all are yet? But it's going to be that much cooler when he finds out.

And seriously, Bella. Phone. But I love that they can fight and work things out and come back together again.
9/18 c41 BookwormBaby2580
Hey, um . . . how come Edward teaching Bella to ride a motorcycle in this fic is SO much more endearing than Jacob doing it in New Moon?
9/18 c40 BookwormBaby2580
You're over there keeping Edward's secrets, and you keep dangling them in front of us, but would you just tell us what is up with Edward's dad already? (Unless you did in the next chapter, in which case, preciate cha!)

I was wondering whether Emmett and Rose were going to spark in this fic, and it looks like that's a yes! Yet another side plot to keep me curious.
9/18 c44 Narges
Is Riley going out? Or is Edward's dad getting home? I hope it's Riley. Too scared of the other one. I would have hide in a closet if I was Bella.
9/18 c44 KTNCullen
Uh oh…. Are we meeting daddy dearest?!


Thank you!
9/18 c38 BookwormBaby2580
Unsolicited opinion: it's way harder to suck an uncircumcised dick.

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