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12h c45 5EriCastelo
Poor Edward, he has a lot on his shoulders, hopefully he can get away from his father and be happy.
13h c45 Rita01tx
Lordamercy, big no bueno!
13h c45 flyrbrd
13h c45 1Alice's White Rabbit
Well, I don't know if I'd be quite as calm as Bella with Edward's dad hanging over her. But, her conversation with Riley was adorable.

15h c45 JaysWorld2
there is soooo much revealed in this chapter, so much trauma and tainted childhoods... my heart breaks over and over for both Riley and Edward
15h c45 NeeNee246
HOLYSMOKES! WOW! I am dying to read more! ;)
16h c45 chocolate teapots
heartbroken for Edward he is dealing with so so much and his aunt ooofff something really needs to be done about her.
16h c45 LRK860
All I can think is, Where's Emmett? Shouldn't he have, at the very least, researched Edward and his family? Bella's safety, especially when they know someone is stalking her, ( probably because they know what her role is) should make him extra diligent. Finding out about his father should have been easy. Also, thank God for Gramps, Edward needs him even though he won't, or can't, leave his dangerous home. And it is dangerous living with a meth addict... Crossing my fingers, hoping nothing terrible happens to him or Riley.
16h c44 JaysWorld2
oh my looooooooord
17h c45 LaPumuckl
I am really glad it was only Gramps getting in the trailer at night and not Carlbecause his behavior was really something you have to get used to...

And I don't think I like the pressure his aunt is putting on Edward by using Riley as an excuse why he couldn't go to the college of his "liking" instead of telling the little one he has to stay close because he loves them so much...
17h c45 13archy12
Oh, dear God. What all has Edward gone through, and how did he still turn out to be such a wonderful person? I'm feeling dizzy just reading about his problems.
I have a question. Edward is old enough to be emancipated from his father's guardianship, isn't he? I don't know how it works, but...why didn't he do that?
Poor Riley. His mother and Edward's father are quite a pair, aren't they? I think his best chance in life is if Edward can adopt him or something as soon as he's able to.
I know this is an important part of the story, but it's making me want to cry. :(
17h c45 BridieM
Oh. As always a wonderful journey you’re taking us on. Wonderful characters. Thank you for writing.
17h c45 debslmac
18h c45 Narges
Can't Edward live happily after with Bella in the new house? Or better yet, let them marry and adopt Riley please. Pretty please.
20h c45 diana2012
Thank you so much for posting. Can't wait for the next one!
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