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1/14 c13 6Payton79
Damn, another heartbreaking episode. But you'd it really be Edward had an epiphany? I feel like time is running out with the deadline of the trailer going public. I sure hope Edward will catch up to Bella soon.
1/14 c13 tunsia
I’ve come to love this Bella….such a wonderful odd duck.
1/14 c13 Rimjhim Srivastava
I think when Lauren will dump Edward then Bella shouldn't give Edward a chance for atleast several years. Let him grovel more.
Because it's so heartbreaking to see Bella that each time it's breaking my heart.
1/14 c13 allidel
You write characters that I easily fall in love with...thank you! :)
1/14 c13 bon123
I love how down to earth, wise, mature and most of all how compassionate she is. I loved her interaction with her parents while they were 'house hunting'. I loved that I had to google what the heck is "annealing kiln" :) I loved her interaction with that big oaf (bearing a heart of gold) at the end.
Can't wait for more of this.
Thank you so much!
1/14 c13 lillianolivia.white
Sigh…. Unrequited teenage love…..
I was proud that Bella’s parents are so frugal, and I’m glad she is paying for their house and gifting it to them. Great chapter.
1/14 c13 ashiana
Bella is an old soul and she's been really mature about Edward not returning her feelings at just 15 years!
Thanks for awesome chapter..
1/14 c13 alexandrew
Bella is such a mature and wonderful girl. So sweet and her emotions toward Edward are just so real.
1/14 c13 Guest
Love love the hilarious house hunting!
1/14 c13 ChristyWIX
I really want him to realize he likes her in a romantic, not platonic way, before her movie propels her into where they anticipate it may. This way she will know it is her and not her shinier start to bring the interest. You made me laugh so very often in the first three quarters of this one. The relationship between her and her parents is fantastic. They love really deeply and they tease each other wonderfully. I truly enjoy them.
1/14 c13 traceybuie
Bella is so understanding, mature, sweet, kind...all the words. I want to hug her heartbreak away.
Thanks for writing and sharing.
1/14 c13 29Rebadams7
Oh Bella
He has no idea he is growing up
in his heart - He's found a girl
a woman
that is more than a kiss
and a flirt
but the world
tucking a tag
into a shirt
1/14 c13 mnnlisa
A very generous Bella. She would like more hugs from Edward
1/14 c13 2Pa Trizia 88
Can't wait for them to move!
Edward is still a blind, lovable this!
1/14 c13 Bevey99
Bought or stole? New house, that's positive. Thanks for the update
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