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1/31/2023 c18 AnakinSmom
Grandpa knows even if super smart Edward hasn't figured it out yet. How will Lauren react when Edward starts to tutor Bella? Knives out?
1/31/2023 c18 6redemptionsong
Wait so maybe Edward is aware of his feelings for Bella given his reaction to her first boyfriend comment? Or is he just too far in it with Lauren to do anything about it? Or is it only now it’s finally clicking in his head. I have a feeling his gramps will have something to say about it.

Also Bella was so endearing during their chess game that I think I even fell a little for her too.
1/31/2023 c18 16EriCastelo
I'm choking back a scream! Grandpa knows something and hopefully Edward will figure it out. I already want to see how the jacket thing plays out, will Bella wear it to school the next day?
1/31/2023 c18 flyrbrd
1/31/2023 c18 Moltz
That was the sweetest non-date ever written.
Now I need a Gramps outtake of his internal monolog throughout the evening. Please.
I hope Edward follows through with his promise to tutor Bella.
They really found the perfect way to learn so much about each other without even realizing it.
Looking forward to reading more.
1/31/2023 c18 1gi-freakazoid
This was just too good!
1/31/2023 c18 LydiaDeetz dead girl
I'm so in love with this story.
This Edward and Bella are so cute!
Grandpa Edward knows things and something tells me that he knows where her coat is LOL
1/31/2023 c18 30Rebadams7
One it will be interesting to see where that jacket ends up because someone will be wearing it and two, Edward is wise in many ways, and a teenage boy completely in some others, I’m sure he’ll grow up just we wonder when?
1/31/2023 c18 52old4fanfic
Wait til people know who she is, no coat will be safe . Glad grandpa knows what’s what
1/31/2023 c18 karen4honor
I think the light bulb moment is coming soon! LOVE his grandpa!
1/31/2023 c18 covenmama
I can not tell you how much I love this story. And reading it makes me smile like a loon and want to hug and smack these 2 kids.
Very sweet dynamic… but oh her poor coat,.. and now she hast to drown in his clothes for the ride home…oops
1/31/2023 c18 3ma28cullen
I feel like I am 15 again, meeting my first crush, it is so powerful and your writing is so exquisite it makes it feel so real. I thank you for giving us this update but most importantly for sharing your talent with us. I truly hope that Edward Sr talks to Ed Jr and show him, love is caring about the little things, like trying to understand Grand Masters and chess.
1/31/2023 c18 nustressmom
Love these two!
1/31/2023 c18 googs
Good lord these two have some sizzling chemistry. A brilliant kid like Edward can't possibly be blind to what's right in front of him for too long, right?
1/31/2023 c18 6Payton79
That was the perfect date... only that it wasn't. But it definitely looked as though Edward realized a thing or two.
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