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1/20/2023 c14 BridieM
Oh, so know that feeling Wonderfully written. Thank you.
1/20/2023 c14 bon123
Edward's notes to her father is beautiful, heartwarming and just plain perfect. The greeting card is a wonderful idea itself.
After reading this chapter I am even more curious to learn more about their family roots. The Vietnamese grandmother she's speaking of (her mom's side, obviously) isn't a "salt kosher" herself?! or is she? As a Vietnamese, isn't her skin type supposed to be more tanned? Anywho, she sounds a bit racial and very old fashion. A complete 180 to her own daughter, which raises even more questions.
And if I got things straight, his grand grandmother (Esme's mother) was also in Vietnam at some point in her life and she kept journals and on one of them he found a mentioning of Bella's family. I wonder if she knew that Renee's is (partially?) Vietnamese
Also, what Jasper was trying to insinuate, when he wondered who would amongst them would figure things out first.?
Great, wonderful, fantastic update. Love this so much.
Thank you!
1/20/2023 c14 6redemptionsong
That’s actually a really cool idea for a birthday card. Charlie’s so young! Is Edward just totally clueless because I kind of just want to bonk him over the head a bit. I continue to love Bella. March can’t come soon enough, I want the reveal to happen yesterday and see Lauren’s reaction!
1/20/2023 c14 bearygirl
Loving this story.
1/20/2023 c14 flyrbrd
1/19/2023 c14 tas62
I think Jasper is seeing signs that Edward is more into Bella than he realizes. Can't wait for them to all find out it is more than an little Indie series.
1/19/2023 c14 1gi-freakazoid
This is so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time...
1/19/2023 c14 biblepam
thanks for the update.
1/19/2023 c14 KTNCullen
I wonder what Jasper knows that he’s not divulging! It is super funny about Lauren wanting to be an actress. Wait until that teaser drops!
And Edward is being super sweet. I can’t wait until he sees the light!
Love this story so much! It’s the cutest!
1/19/2023 c14 Melcatt
Such a great story. I stayed at work for 30 minutes extra because I could not wait until the drive home to read this chapter! Edward please get it together before Bella is super famous, it’ll be too late then!
1/19/2023 c14 Narges
It would be so fun if Edward gets jealous of Jasper.
1/19/2023 c14 Guest
Love this story.. literally refreshing multiple times a day looking for an update. Please don’t wait long. This one wasn’t nearly long enough
1/19/2023 c14 Cecilia Siledubh Mohney
Aww, sweet Bella! I wonder what Jasper knows? Thanks for this amazing story!
1/19/2023 c14 mnnlisa
Edward needs to leave later Lauren. No good can come from that
1/19/2023 c14 Guest
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