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1/29/2023 c17 ChristyWIX
What a wonderful place he took her to. I would be lovely if his grandfather owns the place. Even if he doesn’t, it is a fun spot. I need to know all the answers to Bella's questions too. What exactly does his title mean. Hopefully there was money involved and he’s simply set it aside for college. Perhaps each time he competes and wins any money, he puts it away for college. His grandfather would’ve guided him to do so, I’d imagine. What a kind man too. His mistake in thinking it was Lauren is completely understandable. Why would he think otherwise, right? Though I cannot imagine Lauren would be remotely interested in being in this establishment. I absolutely loved Bella flipping Edward off and him not even knowing what it meant. Teasing her lightly and asking about it. Made me giggle. Love these two together. Just need for Edward to figure it out. Sigh.
1/29/2023 c17 Narges
This didn't feel like your usual ending for a chapter.
1/29/2023 c17 tff000
1/29/2023 c17 PBJilly
Oh this sounds like such a fascinating place! Is this based on a real place? I need to retire somewhere where they have places like this. There are so many places that FF writers have created that I would love to retire to!
1/29/2023 c17 Guest
Ugh! Teenage boys suck. Edward is so smart when it comes to everything else but Bella! Come on Edward, you have to know Bella is way better for you than Lauren!
1/29/2023 c17 BoLuvsTwilight
Great chapter, as usual. As a fan of your other stories, I definitely had to try this one out. Especially since I have a friend that lives in Lithia Springs. I love the worlds you create, outside the norm of typical TwiFic. I can’t wait for the coolest girl in the school and the coolest guy in the school to finally get together.
1/29/2023 c17 AnakinSmom
They are so cute together. Just friends...right, got it.
1/29/2023 c17 VryUnique
Sounds like a nice day. Edward is more complex than we thought and even smarter. It makes me wonder even more why he can’t see through Lauren.
I can only assume it’s because teenagers, no matter how smart are not very bright when it comes to love. It may also be because Edward has had a crush for so long that’s it’s hard to change course, he has finally gotten what he has wanted after so long.
1/29/2023 c17 Bevey99
Well that was unexpected, and short. Thanks for the update.
1/29/2023 c17 1JulieToo
Very nice reveal of Edward’s superpower. I look forward to more secrets coming to light.
1/29/2023 c17 6JavaMasta
Uh-oh. I’m nervous about what will happen when the new house and security detail show up. The difference in income will become painfully obvious.
1/29/2023 c17 15EriCastelo
I loved this no date. Hopefully, Edward can see Bella as more than just a friend.
1/29/2023 c17 flyrbrd
1/29/2023 c17 KatHat4
Haha...the Swan sign. Why was she furious with him for saying that?
Seems they both have secrets and layers to their talents and lives.
And now she wants a cycle...
1/29/2023 c17 20Maplestyle
This chapter was so light hearted compared to last! Also fuck Lauren for not being interested in his life.
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