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1/28/2023 c6 GorGirl
1/28/2023 c5 GorGirl
Poor Bella. She made a great entrance, though.
1/28/2023 c4 GorGirl
Will she crash course on D&D or go in blind?
1/28/2023 c3 GorGirl
Wow. Too bad they got injured.
1/28/2023 c2 GorGirl
1/28/2023 c1 GorGirl
This looks interesting!
1/27/2023 c11 Mistydeb
Oops. I’m sure she won’t spill the beans. Loved that she kicked Edward in the nuts though, even if he didn’t really deserve it just yet…I’m sure he will at some point. Debbie
1/27/2023 c16 dowlingnana
Wow, talk about memories from my H.S. days...(shudder) I feel for Bella, I really do. Seems to be as if Lauren is playing a game with not just Bella but Edward too. She knows how Bella feels so she's just making it seem as if she has it all, but, Edward is smarter and he will catch up. Look how easy it is with Bella. He even asked L., to people-watch too but no, it's too boring. What about just the chance to be with the guy you're supposed to like? Another thing B&E has in common. I still wonder why he objected to being with Bella in the first place. Too young? I like the reference of Zendaya to Gwenth. Let me say how beautiful I think Zendaya is. Hang in there Bella, it will happen. I have faith! thanx ;o)
1/27/2023 c15 dowlingnana
I loved the 'were so rich we used 3 eggs in our pancakes.' LOL, that was fantastic! And this last line was terrific as well, from Renee. She's so right! thanx ;o)
1/27/2023 c16 acw1
1/27/2023 c16 30Rebadams7
Lauren. The H S date…
Bella. The one you don’t let get away
1/26/2023 c10 Mistydeb
Yay, her first kiss with her first crush. I hope Edward is sorely disappointed in his first kiss with Lauren…when it happens. Debbie
1/26/2023 c8 Mistydeb
Oops, poor Alice. At least Bella managed to get out of the humiliating mess, although it was very nice of Edward to say something to her. Debbie
1/26/2023 c6 Mistydeb
Oh dear, I wonder if she forgot something at the garage and someone brought it back. Debbie
1/26/2023 c5 Mistydeb
Aww, poor Bella. She just got her first mini heartbreak. Debbie
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