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1/14/2023 c13 ChristyWIX
I really want him to realize he likes her in a romantic, not platonic way, before her movie propels her into where they anticipate it may. This way she will know it is her and not her shinier start to bring the interest. You made me laugh so very often in the first three quarters of this one. The relationship between her and her parents is fantastic. They love really deeply and they tease each other wonderfully. I truly enjoy them.
1/14/2023 c13 traceybuie
Bella is so understanding, mature, sweet, kind...all the words. I want to hug her heartbreak away.
Thanks for writing and sharing.
1/14/2023 c13 29Rebadams7
Oh Bella
He has no idea he is growing up
in his heart - He's found a girl
a woman
that is more than a kiss
and a flirt
but the world
tucking a tag
into a shirt
1/14/2023 c13 mnnlisa
A very generous Bella. She would like more hugs from Edward
1/14/2023 c13 2Pa Trizia 88
Can't wait for them to move!
Edward is still a blind, lovable this!
1/14/2023 c13 Bevey99
Bought or stole? New house, that's positive. Thanks for the update
1/14/2023 c13 shoogah.b
It's wrong how badly Im hoping lauren is going to screw him over
1/14/2023 c13 Midnight Cougar
Ugh, still with Lauren . . . but at least he talks to Bella still.

Happy Bella is sharing her warning with her parents; again, she is mature beyond her years.

Excited to see how this all plays out.
1/14/2023 c13 Romana973
First loves are so difficult— it’s a new sea she’s swimming in and she doesn’t have the experience.
Is Edward realizing what a gem she really is?
Thanks for a great chapter.
1/14/2023 c13 2musicdaydreams
I was so caught up in Bella’s quest for a kiss that I glossed over how funny she is. She and her parents. And isn’t it funny that Edward can tell Bella anything but not Lauren? And I do believe Lauren would judge him. Patience, Bella, and Edward will come to realize you are more than just a secret keeper!
1/14/2023 c13 Gaby-wotnow
I’m heartbroken for her. He’s been honest though. I’m thinking she should put distance between them. Maybe he will realize he’s into her when she’s not around.
1/14/2023 c13 bluevolvic
Ugh! The unrequited love is killing me in a good way, he brought a new hoodie and is away to meet Lauren, does he even know he has feelings for Bella? Cos it seems that he does from his reactions.

I love how supportive Bella is of her parents,I hope they let her buy a nice big home. she appreciates them and sees all their efforts to help her achieve her dream and goals.
1/14/2023 c13 14EriCastelo
It is a great gift of life to be able to buy the house you want and decorate it to your liking without worrying about money. Blessed. On the other hand, I hope Edward realizes that his thing with Lauren is just attraction. But I think he'll have to think more things through for him to get there.
1/14/2023 c13 Red-Emerald
I'm reading into Edward's intense gazes and no one can stop me!
Edward, she makes you feel comfortable and that's why you spill your guts. You're distracted by her lips because you enjoyed that kiss. That missing feeling that you're probably getting from Lauren is because she ain't Bella! Lololol.
I'm clearly cheering these two on. I hate the slow burn but also love it so good. I must learn to be patient and it'll be worth it in the end. Or maybe not! Only time will tell.
1/14/2023 c13 Cecilia Siledubh Mohney
Thanks for the update! This one sure was a roller coaster ride of emotions. SO funny with the home shopping and planning as most of the interactions with her parents are then more sad and angry toward the end. As an elementary school secretary I just hate people like Vicki! Thanks for a great story, even though this update left me kind of waiting to cry.
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