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1/19/2023 c14 20Maplestyle
Love, love, loved! Lauren can go away now
1/19/2023 c14 prettymomma128
I really hope Edward realizes what's he's doing to Bella and stops before he really breaks her heart for good. I just love this story. Great chapter!
1/19/2023 c14 Hiii
Loving this Bella but hurting for her. The pull to him and the pain ugh Edward for being a dumb high school boy
1/19/2023 c14 Romana973
Geez, these two are just so awesome. He’s the sweetest, she has a wicked sense of humor, and she’s also just an all around nice person.
Thanks for a great chapter.
1/19/2023 c14 2musicdaydreams
They’re so sweet together. Even if no one but Jasper realizes it. Getting all those birthday wishes from people Charlie doesn’t know is strange and fun.

Here’s something weird. This totally made me think if Master of the Universe but just because that was the first time I’d read ‘revising’ in a fic and figured out it meant studying (why are we Yanks so different than the rest of the world, LOL).
1/19/2023 c14 Smg2323
Thank you for the update!
1/19/2023 c14 daphnie
Jasper is my absolute favorite person today too!
1/19/2023 c14 Lisalouise
At this point is Edward hanging around Bella to get Lauren jealous?
I would guess Jasper was referring to who would realize first that they like each other.
Thanks for writing.
Lisa...Gail Cullen
1/19/2023 c14 Gaby-wotnow
She’s very nice but girl needs to protect her heart and just stay away. He’s clueless and won’t understand it but that’s his problem really. He’s hurting her without knowing. Poor girl. Can’t wait til the next ch.
Thank you
1/19/2023 c14 dpennell007
Poor dramatic HS Bella. Everything was SO magnified in those days.

You'll have to let us know what Edward wrote on the back of Charlie's card!
1/19/2023 c14 3ma28cullen
I feel giddy everytime I read this story, it is funny the power you have to take me back to highschool feelings, almost impossible to match and so complicated. Thank you for this Thursday gift.
1/19/2023 c14 MIRosebud
Hmmm…the plot thickens…what does Jasper know? Hopefully it’s more than the fact boys can be so oblivious. Edward and Bella are so real with each other, I really hope he wises up before March. Looking forward to seeing Charlie’s reaction to this year’s card. :)
1/19/2023 c14 mysticfighter111
Jasper is onto something and it's giving me hope, hope that Edward will realize rather sooner than later that Bella is perfect for him and that he likes likes her, too. The non-birthday card is a great idea.
1/19/2023 c14 debslmac
1/19/2023 c14 JentheBaker
Hmmmmmm….what does Jasper know? He’s so sweet to her that I can’t be upset with him. Sigh…..I hope he realizes soon that he likes her as more than a friend!
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