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1/21/2023 c15 30Rebadams7
Hot is just a fashion show?
as fast as it is, then it goes
Always leave them with a smile
If you really want the style
If they’ve got a chance to laugh
You are forever on their path
1/21/2023 c14 Rebadams7
You know, this reminds me of when high school had a little bit of intelligence and interest because the stories I hear from today are so sad. I love their banter, one step between flirty, and just friendly.
1/21/2023 c15 allidel
This has become my "drop everything & read the update now" story! (Actually, it became that about 10 -12 chapters ago...but I'm finally sharing the secret!) ;)
1/21/2023 c15 20Maplestyle
Loved this! Even though it made me tear up that she was so dejected by fearless and funny! Fuck Lauren.
1/21/2023 c15 daphnie
Thank you! You are the best! :D
1/21/2023 c15 Laney218
Thank you (:
1/21/2023 c15 shoogah.b
pancakes with ham and cheese huh?
1/21/2023 c15 PBJilly
I love what he wrote! And thank you for updating on a Saturday morning(for me). It's morning is what I meant, not that you updated specifically for me! I do love their birthday traditions.
1/21/2023 c14 ChristyWIX
Jasper is a good friend to Bella and they haven’t even spent much time together. Poor Alice having the flu. Fun thing to do each year for Charlie. Very nice teacher Mr. Needham is. He was happy to sign Charlie's card too. Love how it went around two classes unattended. Edward writing a novel on the back was interesting. It fits with what Jasper is saying. He knows Edward likes Bella as much as Lauren, if not more, he just doesn’t realize it yet. Still hoping he realizes it before her teaser trailer comes out. We know Bella likes Edward. Her poor young heart is constantly being pushed and pulled. She will make it through though, as she is one strong young woman.
1/20/2023 c14 traceybuie
Poor Bella... I feel so bad for her heart breaking over and over. Edward is just as drawn to her as she is to him though. Thanks for writing and sharing.
1/20/2023 c14 Guest
I always love your stories. You have a real way with words and your characters.

xx Cakes
1/20/2023 c14 fanfictionalcolic
What does Jasper know ? And what was she supposed to see when looking at him? My heart breaks for her.
1/20/2023 c14 flecour
great story so far :)
1/20/2023 c14 13archy12
Hmm, so many things I want to comment on! :)
Jasper is quite astute, isn't he? He has already figured out that Edward has genuine feelings for Bella but is unaware of them, and Bella's pretend-crush is real. It's a good thing he's a nice guy and won't misuse the information.
What is Emory? A college, or a specific field Edward is interested in?
Getting Charlie a card from everyone with quirky things written on it...what an awesome tradition. And he's only thirty two? Wow!
Good Bella cleared up things with Mr. Needham. :)
I think...Edward is unable to stay away from Bella. It's just that he keeps on thinking of her as a friend, but give him time. :)
1/20/2023 c14 fuz
I really admire how you write just a few words about a person and I can see him clearly and have a really good image of him in my head, like .
Oh, and Bella is such a lovely sweet person, how can he NOT love her?
Thank you.
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