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1/20/2023 c14 flecour
great story so far :)
1/20/2023 c14 13archy12
Hmm, so many things I want to comment on! :)
Jasper is quite astute, isn't he? He has already figured out that Edward has genuine feelings for Bella but is unaware of them, and Bella's pretend-crush is real. It's a good thing he's a nice guy and won't misuse the information.
What is Emory? A college, or a specific field Edward is interested in?
Getting Charlie a card from everyone with quirky things written on it...what an awesome tradition. And he's only thirty two? Wow!
Good Bella cleared up things with Mr. Needham. :)
I think...Edward is unable to stay away from Bella. It's just that he keeps on thinking of her as a friend, but give him time. :)
1/20/2023 c14 fuz
I really admire how you write just a few words about a person and I can see him clearly and have a really good image of him in my head, like .
Oh, and Bella is such a lovely sweet person, how can he NOT love her?
Thank you.
1/20/2023 c14 IsabellaSwan6
I absolutely hate Edward and it'll not be gone when he'll realise about his feelings to Bella.
1/20/2023 c14 Riddan
this is the sweetest slooow burn!
1/20/2023 c14 LRK860
This is the sweetest Bella! Of course Edward crushes on her as much as she does on him. She's an ACTRESS! He would believe her when she told him her (mostly true) story about needing a real first kiss and it not being a crush on him. So I think he does know Bella is the one he wants. I'll bet he's a little confused as to why he doesn't feel as happy with Lauren as he thought he would when he was pining for her. I think Jasper and Alice are going to be spectators who shake their heads a lot at the boneheaded moves these two make! Lol. Edward being a straight A student and a math genius is an interesting aside. Many doors will be open to him and of course Bella has had that happen already in her chosen career. Looking forward to see where you take these two
1/20/2023 c14 2NKubie
Oh that tangled web! Jasper is far more perceptive than he gives himself credit for. And I love the postcard idea! I may have to steal it. ;)

Stay safe and well!
1/20/2023 c14 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I kinda want to smack him.
1/20/2023 c14 7Powered by 23 Kicks
Okay. What on earth has Jasper figured out about the two of them that he says they'll eventually figure out? I'm all twitch! Because Bella already knows she likes Edward. What else does she need to figure out? Hmmmm.

Still love how Edward just can't seem to keep his eyes off Bella's mouth. And I don't think he even realizes that he's doing it.
1/20/2023 c14 2LogladyJ
Ahhhhhhhhhh my heart is aching! I love this story though x
1/20/2023 c14 BridieM
Oh, so know that feeling Wonderfully written. Thank you.
1/20/2023 c14 bon123
Edward's notes to her father is beautiful, heartwarming and just plain perfect. The greeting card is a wonderful idea itself.
After reading this chapter I am even more curious to learn more about their family roots. The Vietnamese grandmother she's speaking of (her mom's side, obviously) isn't a "salt kosher" herself?! or is she? As a Vietnamese, isn't her skin type supposed to be more tanned? Anywho, she sounds a bit racial and very old fashion. A complete 180 to her own daughter, which raises even more questions.
And if I got things straight, his grand grandmother (Esme's mother) was also in Vietnam at some point in her life and she kept journals and on one of them he found a mentioning of Bella's family. I wonder if she knew that Renee's is (partially?) Vietnamese
Also, what Jasper was trying to insinuate, when he wondered who would amongst them would figure things out first.?
Great, wonderful, fantastic update. Love this so much.
Thank you!
1/20/2023 c14 6redemptionsong
That’s actually a really cool idea for a birthday card. Charlie’s so young! Is Edward just totally clueless because I kind of just want to bonk him over the head a bit. I continue to love Bella. March can’t come soon enough, I want the reveal to happen yesterday and see Lauren’s reaction!
1/20/2023 c14 bearygirl
Loving this story.
1/20/2023 c14 flyrbrd
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