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1/7/2023 c11 1gi-freakazoid
I didn't think Bella would accidentally let Alice know, she's taken so much precautions all this while :p

I didn't understand the part about what Bella thought about Lauren liking Edward because of their kiss. What does her Instagram have to do with it?
1/7/2023 c11 Laney218
Thank you (:
1/7/2023 c11 IsabellaSwan6
Yeah right Edward can go to hell for all I care but still hoping when his kiss with Lauren will happen, he will be atleast able to tell the difference and switch his feelings otherwise he also will others be sad and only wish in dreams that they knew a superstar when the movie launch
1/7/2023 c11 20Maplestyle
Love, love, loved! I hope to God Alice can keep her mouth shut this time.
1/6/2023 c10 5Leonara821
i love you and your stories, did you know? cant wait for the next chapteeers
1/6/2023 c10 2Pa Trizia 88
Sigh...what a first! When will he realize that sparks were flying? Can't wait to see the "after" unfold! Happy, healthy new year to you!
1/5/2023 c10 1918Vampyre
Well. I'll wager that they end up together.
1/4/2023 c9 dowlingnana
You look...really nice. I have a feeling he wanted to say another word though. 'I never felt more beautiful than when he looked at me like that...even if he meant nothing by it.' Oh, I think he meant a whole lot by it. I suppose I'd kiss him too, even with helping him get another girl. Sigh! Let's hope that kiss is a whopper, lol. thanx ;o)
1/4/2023 c8 dowlingnana
Good thing Bella can act and can't say I blame her for being angry/hurt over Alice's big mouth. I just hope Edward realized what a girl Bella is; keeping his secrets and not caring where he lives, etc. thanx ;o)
1/3/2023 c10 BridieM
Perfect. Thanks. It’s suddenly very hot… :-D
1/3/2023 c9 BridieM
Lol. What a rollercoaster ride you have us on. Just loving what you put your characters and readers through. Thank you very much for sharing your talent.
1/3/2023 c8 BridieM
Wow! again. Just brilliant. I thoroughly enjoy your characters. Thank you for writing.
1/3/2023 c7 BridieM
Brilliant. Loved it. Thank you for writing.
1/3/2023 c6 BridieM
Wow. Did not expect the ending but loved the talk with her dad. Thank you for writing.
1/3/2023 c5 BridieM
Wonderfully written. Totally hooked. Thank you for writing.
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