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9/19 c44 debslmac
9/19 c44 2NKubie
Ruh roh! That's his Dad, isn't it? I hope he's not a racist asshole!

They really make such a sweet couple, especially in their intimacies.

Stay safe and well!
9/19 c44 1JayNahNah
Oh no
9/19 c44 lillianolivia.white
Oh my, is it his aunt, or his dad? Edward lives in a sad situation, but he is good ith Riley. Great chapter. I loved their fumbling.
9/19 c44 11MariahajilE
still stuck with the flu, but i had to tell you again how much i love you and your words. hope you're feeling better. 3
9/19 c44 Rosemarie28
9/19 c43 KrisKitty
Glad I waited until i was done with work for this one, but what a cliffie.
9/19 c44 GorGirl
His dad? That was such a sweet loving time they had together.
9/19 c44 1Alice's White Rabbit
They are such cute, awkward teenagers. And, uh oh! Who's coming in the front door?

9/19 c44 LaPumuckl
First orgasms from the boyfriend/girlfriendcheck. And boy were they cute discussing the correct color of nipples;)

Should I be scared of someone opening the door unexpectedly?
9/19 c44 flyrbrd
9/19 c4 MK543
I 'know' D & D because my grandson is emersed in it but you taught me a few things! Oh, Bella, you goof.
9/19 c3 MK543
OOh, what a dream being approached by a boy you might like, right.
9/19 c44 7Powered by 23 Kicks
Uh-oh. Edward's dad?

Great chapter! They're wonderful together.
9/19 c2 MK543
Of course he did!
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