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9/23 c45 Lisalouise
So much to take in this chapter! I can't wait for the next update.
Edward has really had a rough life. I absolutely love his grandfather. Poor Riley has had it bad too.
Edward needs to go away for school to get away from the mess.
Thanks for writing.
Lisa...Gail Cullen
9/23 c45 2LogladyJ
ugh, I'd figured it was this from the foreshadowing in the last chapter, but really hoped Edward wasn't dealing with that. The poor guy, his life sounds really, really difficult. I hope Bella and he find a way out of it together.
9/23 c45 Meghan
My hearrrrt. These guys are so wholesome and real. Love Bella and Edward and their dynamic. Can’t wait to read the next chapter! You’re an amazing writer
9/23 c45 Dinkyp
Loving this story. Thank you.
9/23 c45 JentheBaker
Oh! Wow! This chapter puts you through the wringer, doesn’t it? So sweet and cute with Gramps. Then sweet and really sad with Riley. And then downright scary with Carl. I do hope they can make it after he graduates and everything hits the fan with the movie! Great chapter!
9/23 c45 fanfictionalcolic
Wow meth addict. Didn’t see that coming
9/23 c45 PBJilly
oh god. All the responsibility Edward takes on make so much more sense now. I hope he doesn't think he needs to break up with Bella now for her own good(you know-NM Edward).
9/23 c45 lillianolivia.white
Oh Noooo. I hope he is not dangerous. Meth addicts can be scary. Both Edward and Riley need to get away from there, and I’m sure Edward is afraid to leave for a good school and leave Riley there in this mess. Emmett is going to freak out. I am interested to see how this will work itself out.
9/23 c45 avcullen
Love it. Can’t wait for more! I hope that Edward’s father doesn’t hurt them
9/23 c45 AnakinSmom
Oh my! She certainly is learning a lot about his family.
9/23 c45 1JulieToo
Oh how heart breaking. Meth is such a terrible drug. I’ve had patients who kicked the habit, but permanent damage can’t be repaired. So terrible.
9/23 c45 daphnie
That poor boy.. And what's wrong with the effin adults in his life.. Can Victoria off herself already!
9/23 c45 Guest
OMG that por family, it breaks my heart ️ I'm loving the storythough, please keep the updates coming :)
9/23 c45 Romana973
Thanks for a new chapter! Much revealed here.
9/23 c45 9BookwormBaby2580
"There are so many ways in which everyone has failed you, do not let me be one of them."

Gutted. Just absolutely gutted.

I was starting to think that you were going to leave us hanging again on what's up with Edward's dad, and after what Riley said I was guessing mental illness. But, yeah, meth is devastating. It breaks people down SO fast. I absolutely ache for Edward having to deal with that.

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