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for Orochi, You're a Wizard!

4/19 c15 Helily
Thank you! I love Orochimaru and there aren’t enough stories with him.
1/8 c11 Cadmarcadlith
Hilarious ending, he bought all the snakes and 1 owl. Hahahaha
12/27/2023 c15 AnonymousComrade123
Wooo, it's alive!
11/20/2023 c1 1Mojami
jajajajajajaja no se por qué pero me imaginé a Orochimaru dándole una patada en toda la cara de Voldermort XD
9/10/2023 c14 spiritforcelink
This is great! It's pretty much everything I've wanted from an Orochimaru in harry potter crossover!
8/5/2023 c14 Guest
Hahahabthat epic Naruto chakra fist moment with the troll

Really loving this a lot and hope you continue.
8/5/2023 c13 Guest
Lol this is hilarious hahahahaha Malfoy rip lol
8/5/2023 c12 Guest
The moment when Orochimaru realized the magical world is full of chumps and he can without too much difficulty probably rule over them in the future hahaha
8/5/2023 c11 Guest
Nevermind haha 123 snakes. Easy to remember, but wow takes quite some effort to train! I have such a fun time imagining him and his future little snake army asking each other like “what should I do in this circumstance?”
8/5/2023 c11 Guest
Lmao 400 snakes hahaha a new happy home and minions for me!
8/5/2023 c10 Guest
Lmao orochimaru’s reaction to ppl crowding him is HILARIOUS. I love it and it’s so him hahaha very shinobi-like

Quarrel probably be like wtf is going on?!
8/5/2023 c8 Guest
It’s a pretty good thing they both rock a snake theme so there is a logical explanation (from Dumbledore’a point of view) for orochimaru’s snake behavior lolol hahaha
8/5/2023 c5 Guest
LMAO that residential address hahahahaha omg laughing so hard

But hey this is probably how Harry survived for so long lol I like this explanation a lot and yay for getting rid of the horcrux in him
8/5/2023 c3 Guest
Orochimaru as Harry is so fun

Also like Dumbledore honestly you ffing should have made sure your precious savior grew up well
7/20/2023 c14 LucienHP
Great story, please don't stop.
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