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for The Queen of Nightmare Tensura Fan-Fiction

11/30/2023 c15 Anonymous
Looking forward to more.
11/30/2023 c15 N2
Please continue.
11/30/2023 c1 1seattlesoccer98
Interesting I wonder if Luminous/Rimuru will end up creating Tempest Federation or if he's going to create the church that is against all monsters.
6/12/2023 c1 FauzanAnindita
Are you too ashamed to use some kind of spell checker? It's like you're guessing how a word is spelled only by hearing it.
3/25/2023 c12 HannaEpos
Luminous has the power to revive people from the dead why did she have to turn Rimuru into a demon lord?
12/18/2022 c11 tigerbomb1996
nice chapter

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