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for Hiding in Plain Sight

2/21 c1 Renado
Hello, I would like to translate "Hiding in Plain Sight" into Russian for the website . May I?
1/30 c1 Weredragon13
This is absolutely amazing. I didn't even know that I needed to read a story like this.

So. Hypothetically speaking, if Annette was a human and Danny an octopus(?), does that make Taylor Ursula?
1/27 c1 8Quathis
Oddly endearing and a very interesting premise that isn't entirely implausible in Worm-verse. Look at Sveta. Powers are weird so this is actually a very benign result of an odder power. Enjoyable read. Until next time.
1/4 c1 Guest
Can't help but wonder if the Administration shard looked at the completely normal human named Danny Hebert and realised that if that's what a human target is supposed to be then that's what it would target.

And then some giant squid at the bottom of the ocean triggers...
1/2 c1 alaskan-dracolych
Interesting. Also, Just herd from NeonZangetsu that ff net made notifications on stories and authors Opt-In, and it had to be renewed every 90 days. It's causing everybody's views numbers to go in the toilet. Just passing it on.
12/10/2022 c1 Sebine
12/9/2022 c1 6Muminpappan
this is awesome and I love it
12/8/2022 c1 Fiddlestonks
Well written piece, I hope to see more
12/8/2022 c1 Alex1432
This seems like a fun crossover.A bleak setting like worm need wholesomeness of octodad
12/7/2022 c1 1Draco0905
okay. so far there absolutely no need for the case 53 status. and in my honest opinion. glub glub for a whole story is irritating. maybe its just me. maybe if you put his actual translation with it instead of everyone SOMEHOW just understanding it and only replying it might be better. when it was just the phone conversation i thought you were pulling a Charlie Brown. but other adults all speak normally. and why glub? is he inside of a fish bowl making air bubbles? no description of him at all really. apparently he has more than two tentacles but at least two resemble human hands but are long enough to wrap around taylor twice each. no idea if hes an octopus or something else. what color it is. length, width, height, clothing, or anything else. if he still works at the dock workers union, do tge rest of the people in tge world just understand him or are they expected to just learn his language? is it supposed to be automatically translated? if so why didn't you?

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