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4/18 c16 5Shana-Fujioka
Great chapter again! I really like Conan just swooning over Kaito and Kaito perfectly playing along. They make such an awesome team. :D
3/16 c14 Shana-Fujioka
Nooo, I hope Shinichi isn't going to feel too hurt at being "betrayed" like that. I wonder what Plan B is and what Shinichi is going to do once he wakes up in the KID cave. Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
3/16 c13 Shana-Fujioka
You keep reading my mind!
I again have to agree with your take on Ran's thoughts about their relationship. I can't feel any chemistry between them, neither between Aoko and Kaito, and barely any between Heiji and Kazuha. To me the only thing they have in common is being childhood friends, otherwise I can't see them actually enjoying each other's company. Canonically the women keep complaining about "their men" (qhich I most of the time have to agree on, they are behaving like bad boyfriends) and it's really frustrating to me because if you dislike his behavior so much, why are you still waiting for him? And this applies to all three women, they are just stupidly waiting for the men to make a move instead of moving on and prioritising their own happiness.
Especially Ran has these blinders on unfortunately, I almost feel sad whenever she tries to match up her parents again and I believe it's for her deep down that if they can work, then her relationship with Shinichi will work too. I doubt it's ever going to happen, but I hope at some point she's at lease going to accept that Kogoro and Eri are over.
Which is also why I like KaiShin so much, they have so much in common and are still complete opposites and they just fit in my opinion.
2/11 c4 Shana-Fujioka
Oh. My. God! You read my mind with this chapter. I thought of all these instances so many times, it's impossible to say that Shinichi still wants to arrest KID.
I also agree with the figuring out who KID is. Shinichi could easily figure it out. Canonically it's known that his father had a friendly rivalry with KID and writes the Night Baron books. There's also that he only knows three people who are masters in disguises: His mother, Vermouth and KID. And he knows that Yukiko and Vermouth had the same teacher, so it's safe to assume there might be a connection there. From the Magic Kaito series it's also known that Agasa prepares some gadgets for KID, so I'm sure even he knows who he really is. So with all these connections I'm sure Shinichi could easily figure it out if he really wanted it.
12/20/2022 c3 11BannanGodis
*waiting for next chapter*

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