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12/22/2022 c3 magitech
Always wondered that if so few Slitherins like Draco "daddy's little princess" Malfoy, why do they allow him to be the face and voice of their house?
Aren't all their parents pure bloods too?
12/22/2022 c1 magitech
Good on Musique
Death eater Snape always accused Harry of being arrogant but he is the worst of the bunch.

Is that why the letter is addressed to children, the whole magic thing to guilt trip muggle parents letting the child go to a school they've never heard of or able to contact?
Is the letter cursed to help the parents make the 'right' decision from the wizards point of view?
12/22/2022 c4 kaiserfrost
That was awesome.
12/19/2022 c1 animeromance1972
Please continue your first chapter ! It was awesome!
12/16/2022 c2 brettadie
Check formatting

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