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12/7/2023 c10 Andrew4815
minor quibble, but the temperatures of Sofia and Lyon are actually roughly equal. Lyon is a bit farther north than Bulgaria and isnt coastal
12/2/2023 c12 flys36
Wish this had been continued.
12/2/2023 c7 flys36
You keep saying that Hermione is his sister. Is there some family connection that is going to be revealed later? Because in the books they are not related.
12/2/2023 c6 flys36
nailed it!
12/2/2023 c5 flys36
Wonder if it's the griffin painting, with the sword a key may e its said The Griffin Door?
12/2/2023 c4 flys36
What was the second thing the Hat was supposed to tell him?
6/7/2023 c12 Force Smuggler
Wonderful story. Can't wait to see where this goes
4/5/2023 c12 Fox Sage 1
Update please
3/29/2023 c12 Smutley Do-Wrong
Well, no see a big Maxi seeing the dragons.

A pet peeve: the number [majority?] of fanfics with Harry assuming Maxine outs the first task, tells Fleur, and Harry doesn't [generally telling only Cedric].
Double the peeve when it's
a Fleur-Harry ship.

Even if Harry is correct, that Fleur knows. Harry scores...points by telling her regardless.
Optional is if Fleur is about to tell him for fics with Maxine seen by Harry scouting out the dragons.

Triple the peeve, when Harry-Fleur ARE friendly already as Dragon task approaches [NOT a fic where Fleur has been a bit of a bitch... leetle boy ... cheated...etc..., and they're not on friendly terms].
3/27/2023 c12 jslee102
I found the treatise on love to be fascinating, good chapter
3/25/2023 c12 James Birdsong
Good twelve chapters of course.
3/27/2023 c12 94blake
Love when a fic expands on characters beyond just the pairing so I’m glad Ron did get his spot in the light this chapter. While I’m glad you had them work it out without being so long winded I wish Harry had a chance to really express his thoughts to Ron as he layed them out to godric. Great chapter and looking forward to the next one!
2/16/2023 c10 DaveC
Not realy reading the fanfic as it’s always the same as the films or books but im just looking for anything new.
2/14/2023 c8 DaveC
Well there’s not a lot to say. Harry is picked again.
2/14/2023 c7 DaveC
Hi I dont read ahead but I do know the story lines. I just wish that at least someone could write Harry a pass for the goblet. Sigh I’m hoping but no doubt will be disappointed.

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