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for The First Hero Dekiru

11/25/2023 c5 jimmy.oz
wonder when all for one shows up or at least when they find out he is still alive will they start moving around again.
11/25/2023 c3 jimmy.oz
wont lie hope he puts endeavor on his ass lol.
11/25/2023 c1 jimmy.oz
Seems interesting though it is weird seeing bakugo do good like that lol. i do wonder if izuku will end up with someone and who just hope it isn't ochako if he does lol. needs updates though.
9/18/2023 c6 1Dirt Rider 712
This story is amazing, and I can’t wait for more!

Thank you,
Dirt Rider
9/18/2023 c5 Dirt Rider 712
“… It’s coarse and rough and irritating… and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.” -Anakin Skywalker

Love this story!
Dirt Rider
9/18/2023 c1 Dirt Rider 712
This is very interesting so far. I like this take on Katsuki.

Dirt Rider
8/23/2023 c6 2ProjectIceman
Its always amusing to see villains get a nervous sweat when they see Dekiru LOL
8/22/2023 c6 AnimeFan13579
Oh good another chapter and we finally get the start of UA.

Melissa as expected from previous chapter is the new holder of OFA. She's a very good option seeing as she is quirkless so safe from big drawback. She also would have been working on support gear that could have been used by All Might. Now she would be able to use the Full Gauntlet herself. Since they can take some uses of the quirk at full strength that would mean similar devices would allow her emergency uses of the full power without injuring herself. At least until she can control using the quirk at full power without them.

As for the bit with Sir Nighteye if he's still alive by that time and if go into research of past users. Then would find out about the one user dying of "old age" 18 years after getting the quirk. When by all rights he would have only been considered about middle age.
4/9/2023 c5 3SanadaTenchi
This is a great story where a wiser Izuku helps modern day heroes rememberingwhat it means to be a hero. Great job, keep up the good work. Can't wait for the next chapter.
3/28/2023 c5 3LEGOBRICK13
Honestly when you think about it, it was best that Miruko went into being a hero. She's got the Goku mentality: a lust for battle. Her main reason going into the hero business would definitely be to fight big bads, but in a way it can also be seen as her method of controlling herself. Her battle-hunger would likely cause her to do stupid things just like Goku, but by going into the hero business she both gains freedom and restrains herself. Her not being one for team-ups inherently prevents her from possibly giving a colleague an injury in her battles, and the hero profession forces her to be mindful of the civilians around her. She gains the freedom to let loose her battle mania in a productive manner, but also control by having to make sure no innocents get harmed by her fights. It's basically a way to keep herself in line because when you think about it, Rappa is pretty much the same way. Rappa is pretty much her villain counterpart, he's a battle loving loon similar to Miruko but unlike her, he doesn't have that filter and sees true battles to be ones to the death (if the heroes and villains' roles were swapped, Miruko and Rappa are the best to take each other's place).

It's just kind of interesting to see the kinds of mentalities and motives behind a side character in cases like these, because it lets you get into their head and see how certain things will factor greatly in how they think. Miruko has that filter that prevents her from killing her opponents to satisfy her hunger (Nomu NEVER count, those things are just bio-robots), but Rappa doesn't. This was just something I started thinking about when Dekiru here had asked why she became a hero and regarding her "thrill of danger." From a logical view, it makes a lot of sense since she isn't an idiot, she's smart enough to identify the biggest threat and to capitalize on advantages, so it poses the idea that she could identify herself as a possible threat if she let herself go unchecked.

This is a good story!
3/27/2023 c5 Revitup93
Really cool story. Can't wait to see where you go with it
3/27/2023 c5 2ProjectIceman
Awesome chapter! Izuku not mentioning to the Bakugous on how he was recommended to marry Endeavors daughter? Lol
3/27/2023 c5 SonicMax
I was expecting izuku to get with Mount Lady since he saved her but nothing came from that then i thought maybe mitsuki but she's happily married so that went nowhere and then mayyybe miruko but nope still nothing and he's some vague age so I doubt any of the cannon girls there anyone he's gonna be paired with?
3/25/2023 c1 Guest
It’s a really good story why don’t you write it on ao3 you will get even better response as this site is really dead these days .
3/25/2023 c5 AnimeFan13579
Conversation between Melissa and All Might will be interesting. It also allows David to know the truth so he wouldn't have a reason to have the quirk amplifier *stolen* for All Might. After all the reason his quirk strength levels would be dropping is because his daughter is the one carrying it now. Melissa also has an advantage compared to Izuku with her background studying support gear and wanting to make stuff All Might could have used. It sets her up to design gear for herself which would allow her to have more practice with adjusting to the power. After all the Full Gauntlet was designed to be able to handle All Might's strength 3 times. In a way she could still work on support gear but building more for herself. Which kinda would make her like the old school heroes that had to craft their own gear. I would also guess if she was told of what they theorized about only a quirkless person could carry it. She would probably be more willing to accept the burden after that. Especially considering the hassle of trying to find another quirkless person and then being sure of their character and trustworthiness. All Might is already getting shorter on time enough as it is.

I'm also imagining conspiracy theory Todoroki would guess that she's actually All Might's secret daughter and that she was put in David's care to protect her from villains that would be after her.
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