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1/12 c1 BannedUserName
So not much in and already off the bat, I can tell you already put in too much "Tell" instead of "Show" by describing what SpongeBob and Squidward are like instead of showing.

Hopefully this got better later on as I know there's a ton more chapters already. I like how we got to see Squidward's side before Spongebob's arrival
12/29/2022 c91 Guest
please continue this story it has so much potential
12/22/2022 c13 SpongebobxEds
Sandy cheeks was casually drinking Cherry 7up before Ed, Double dee, Tillie and Chip came
Oh hey you four smiled Sandy
Sandy, We need your help with Katrina and Joshua said Ed as Sandy sighed
Ed just cut the Katrina and Joshua gag, I know these are Tillie, Mr. Conductor's niece and Her little brother Chip! Sandy said taking Tillies veil off
You clever clever minx smirked Chip
Double dee, You and Ed could get in trouble for this! Take them back to Their world said Sandy
That's why we're here, We need money said Edd
Deal, whatever You do don't tell Mr. Krabs only God knows how He can handle loans take as much as You want but there are 2 favors, on Your way back to the past make sure Spongebob marries Stephanie instead of those cunts Holli and Francesca and I want a promise that I won't have to retire in a Place like this in My later years! Sandy said as They nodded

Sorry about the weird comments, I began shipping Spongebob with Stephanie from Lazytown
12/18/2022 c79 6Missplayer30
I wish it could be continued.
In fact I would have loved to see you adapt the first movie into your novelization and have Sandy plays a bigger role (And have it be the story where SpongeBob declares his feelings for Sandy, because this story seems to hint at it).
12/18/2022 c1 divine silver the hedgehog
I am a massive fan of SpongeBob, and this? well this is amazing! I've always wanted a fanfiction or story or something like this and now I finally found one! amazing job to you sir/ma'am! I will say you did make a few spelling mistakes and completely forgot to put Mr Krabs' name on some lines but besides that this is a near perfect begining to the story of SpongeBob SquarePants! hats off to you sir!

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