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for A Glimpse at Christmas

2/8 c1 1westxngal
I hope you will continue this story. I love that you are bringing Bill and Abigail back together! I was sorry they ever split them up. I love to see you develop what you've already written even more. Thanks for a wonderful story!
1/2 c1 8Missela
I'm glad that over the years, the pains of Christmas seem to have disappeared for Bill! That was a rough 1918 Christmas. I liked that Nathan gave Bill his own advice in 1919 and that you can't take the inspector out of him. He knew Elizabeth's signs of pregnancy in 1920!

It appears that both of our stories have Jack getting a toboggan from Nathan. He's making the one in my story. He started it in the summer. Also, since Jack is younger, it's a gift he'll grow into. He'll only be using it with others since he just turned 2! But it's also something that they can pull him around on.

Thanks for the great story! It was fun!
12/26/2022 c1 5Paths Through Lavender Fields
How sweet of Nathan—and how very like him!—to use walks and hugs with Allie to reassure her over time that she was not the reason the town schoolteacher lost her ever-lovin' mind and "chose" L.

When it came to the triangle, I can believe this version of Bill a lot more than what we saw. I always had a hard time buying that he never spoke with Elizabeth about what was going on, or proffered his thoughts on the two men she was supposedly torn between. That rang false to me. I'm glad that your Bill references having warned E about L. Thanks you for fixing that oddity. Elizabeth refusing to listen. . . no surprise there, right? So L left town, huh? I cannot say I'm surprised, given certain tendencies of his we saw in S6-8.

hehe, in Bill's little Christmas rant to Nathan, I caught what might be echoes of true stories? Maybe? ;) His little rant tickled my funny-bone. The mention of Nathan seeing Bill teach LJ how to make snowballs was just so heartwarming and it made me smile to imagine it.

Oof! Nathan's sarcastic line about the Mountie office having so much romantic potential was a tough reminder of a certain scene I'd like to forget between him and Madame E in the last episode of the last season that I will ever watch (S8 finale). . . but it rang sooo true for the hurt he has to be going through here. She was a sanctimonious ice queen in that scene, and he deserved none of it. So yes, I felt every word you had him say to Bill here, and more than that, I felt the emotion. So well done! Thank you for that!

Neatly turning Nathan's suggestion around on him, Bill ends up suggesting a meeting with E to him that had me chuckling at his boldness and quick thinking. Go, Bill! Put the proper couple back together! ;)

Jumping to Christmas 1919, it felt so organic that N&E are engaged to be married and planning Christmas while managing their schedules and their children's. (I guess Bill's 1918 snickerdoodle intervention worked!) I loved the mental imagery of Elizabeth bustling into the office, roses in her cheeks and slightly out of breath, to give Nathan a cheek kiss (aww!) and tell him, with great excitement, about the perfect pair of earrings she found for Allie. Small gestures are big gestures, and Nathan's double effort of taking her coat for her and holding the chair out for her were both just lovely. That was a wonderful little touch. Elizabeth's reassurance to Nathan that he "was still the most important boy in her [Allie] life" despite Allie's growing up changes and new found interests was just precious! I loved that. Love, love, LOVE that Nathan responded by raising her hands and kissing her fingers! There's something so swoony about that. . . despite Bill's grumpus reaction, lol! Really, he's such a softie inside!

(I've never shipped Bill with Abigail, so I'm just going to skirt past those mentions if you don't mind.)

Moving to Christmas in 1920, I think it's adorable that LJ wants to do everything that Allie does. I always thought he'd be a quietly persistent, idolizing little brother to her. I LOVED Nathan's smirk and humor when he told Bill that he already spent all day in a red suit (and wasn't about to take on a certain Christmas time red suit). . . sounds like him, haha!

I really am enjoying how you write Nathan and Bill's friendship; the respect, the humor, the quiet understanding and tolerance of each other.

Aww, God bless Nathan's dear heart for being aware and concerned that LJ not feel lost in the shuffle of their newly blended families. I love the idea of a toboggan gift for LJ! I'd love to see Nathan teaching him how to use it some snowy afternoon! And then to hear Bill's affirmation that LJ adores Nathan and would cherish even a rock from him because of said adoration was oh so validating to hear.

Nathan as an author, ooooh! I hadn't ever considered that possibility for him. And I kind of love it! Nice!

A baby! Woohoo! Nathan Grant and an infant is just a beautiful combination. What a perfect way to end the story. "Grandpa Bill" had me teary eyed; how perfect for Bill and the Grants! Love that you gave us an N&E happy ending in a story focusing on Nathan and Bill's friendship and conversations over three Christmases; that was so clever! Brilliantly executed. I thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas story, thank you for sharing it with us and restoring a Hope Valley to enjoy!
12/25/2022 c1 Jillywelz
Sorry I am late reading and commenting, I am. just catching up on all the stories

I loved this story, so muchlived grumpy Bill and Abigail returning and NE together as a family
12/20/2022 c1 4heather4cu
This was so sweet! I loved the progression of Nathan and Elizabeth's relationship over the years. And it was great to see it from Nathan and Bill's point of view. I hope Bill and Abigail got together. Great story.
12/19/2022 c1 dpmancill
Hoping for additional chapters here. Well done. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
12/19/2022 c1 Ann Power-Wolfe
12/17/2022 c1 Mary Ann Hudson
Loving this story. Laughed at several places but especially at the dragon reference. (Brought to mind Kevin's movie character Elliott Somersby and how he gets when he's hungry.) Hahaha.
12/18/2022 c1 Tawnypelt1401
This was amazing! It's great as a one-shot but could be continued as a full story if you wanted to!
12/17/2022 c1 20pn1thrasher
Awesome story!
12/17/2022 c1 184nebula2
I do believe I have a new favorite WCTH Christmas story (sorry "Hope Valley Christmas Carol" by elizabethb88). This was lovely! And given it's length an easy reread! (See short does have its advantages). I do have to say I do have one unanswered question - who is the new saloon owner?

Bill fussing about the holiday is exactly what I had in mind when I picked this song. Great job with modifying a few of the 'pains' of Christmas so that it fits with the time period! The crack about some idiot getting drunk and falling off his horse or starting a fight made me laugh out loud. Okay, which reminds me I have a second question - did Nathan get hit with any of those snowballs when he became the target for Bill and Jack?

I have no problem with you sending Lucas off to where ever (yes, I can mention the name, hehe). It does fit him - I do believe that pursing Elizabeth was only a challenge to him. He won, and some of the glamor faded off - especially when his soon to be father-in-law took away a chance of monetary gain from it. I do also have to say that I am glad it wasn't an instant dumped by Lucas and hook back up with Nathan fix. They would have needed to talk and while you didn't show that talk, it was implied.

And then their is Nathan - hard to cheer up the town scrooge when you are not feeling the Christmas spirit yourself. The tree in the cell might not have been a bad idea though the decorations could become weapons for anybody locked up in the cell...

The following year seems to have Nathan in the Christmas spirit but Bill isn't quite there yet. His grumbling about Nathan humming "Jingle Bells" was cute. And in floats Elizabeth. The good Elizabeth has returned it seems. Glad to see that. Happy to see them planning Christmas activities together. Elizabeth's assurance that Nathan would always be number one to Allie was sweet.

And Abigail returns to Hope Valley! If you were going to put Bill with someone I am glad it was Abigail. Bill with the hot pan of brownies was a unique reaction. I feel a bit sorry for him but mostly I may have laughed! And as Nathan and Elizabeth are happy together, seems they are playing matchmaker to the man who helped them out!

The third section was adorable. The Grant's are a happy family. Bill is finally in the Christmas spirit. I laughed that he is out on rounds avoiding becoming Santa though. Nathan's reasoning to Abigail why he should not be Santa makes perfect sense. Though Santa breaking up a brawl in the saloon might be an interesting sight.

Loved the wreath and the toboggan use. Jack is adorable wanting to do everything his big sister does. The fact that Nathan has his wreath inside where he can enjoy it is adorable as well. Bill's quip about Nathan taking the toboggan back up the hill was very Bill. And then we have our illusion to the "Dragon Writer"! Love that you worked in my favorite McGarry movie "Winter Love Story". Thanks for that bonus. Now I can picture Nathan writing dragon tales just for his son or sons depending on what the next bundle of joy is.

Love how Bill gets Nathan to admit to it. As you didn't say who is going to be godfather I have picked Gabriel and Lillian in my head as godparents, just so you know. And it ends with Grandpa Bill - nice ending to a lovely story!

Thanks a bunch! I adore it!
12/17/2022 c1 DEEBEE007
Loved this story
12/17/2022 c1 10FnficJunkie
Oh I love the ending! You wrote a great full circle moment for Bill. It was a nice contrast from the opening chapter with Bill being grouchy and feeling alone to being part of a family again, a godfather, a father-figure, and therefore a grandpa. Very well done.

I enjoyed the banter between Bill and Abigail in the kitchen too. That was a fun moment. I also loved that Little Jack made a wreath like his big sister and Nathan hung both of them. He’s going to need to start hanging wreaths on the cell doors in the upcoming years!

I was happy to see Nathan & Elizabeth find each other (it never gets old).

I love how you worked in the Christmas song and it was a great fit for Bill’s character and that was a challenging song, but you nailed it.
12/17/2022 c1 SaSeLi777
Awww! This is so sweet!Does it really have to be a one shot?!

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