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8/15/2023 c17 Guest
I see Callie trying to find Jude on her own.
6/17/2023 c1 Guest
Can you write a story where Lena is pregnant and her baby girl is taken out without her consent and she named her Callie and she grew up in the system and over time she was taken to the Adams Foster family and the truth comes out and Lena is happy and shocked her baby girl was never a stillborn but alive the whole time and Lena feels bad for her baby girl and Callie has to come to terms with her mama being alive and not knowing about her. Some drama could be that Mariana is jealous of Callie for being her Mama's bio daughter and Stef is the second mother since they were together and both mom's support their daughter they thought was dead. B is Stef's bio son in this and the twins and Jude are bio half siblings adopted by the mom's at twelve and nine. They also find out about Isabella being in the system and the mom's aren't sure if they want to take her in since Mariana would need to share with Isabella, she can be ten in this. B and Callie 16, the twins 15, Jude 12, Isabella ten.
5/5/2023 c16 Guest
Hopefully it is found out Jesus lied about everything.
4/12/2023 c15 Guest
Now I wonder if CPS will get involved? But the it's were warned by the siblings, the moms and the rules.
3/21/2023 c13 Guest
2/21/2023 c13 Guest
Can They have sex before they come clean to moms with Jude screwing Jesus
2/21/2023 c1 Guest
Can They have sex before they tell Moms
2/6/2023 c13 Guest
I hope they tell the moms before they get caught. Wonder what will happen since on the show Callie was sent to a group home.
2/4/2023 c13 Guest
If they come clean to the moms, they have to tell Jude's caseworker by law since foster siblings can't date and I hope no braillie.
1/28/2023 c12 Guest
But if they are together by law Jude can't be there or get adopted.
1/21/2023 c11 Guest
The way Mariana sold and stole the pills and was willing to let Callie take the fall and let Jesus take the fall, I understand Callie why she accused her of what she did.
1/19/2023 c9 Guest
I feel bad Callie wasn't in juvie and she was still blamed for the pills. Why not Jude since he was in juvie?
1/18/2023 c8 Guest
No Braillie by the way since I never liked it.
1/18/2023 c9 Guest
I wonder why they blamed Callie I figured they would have blamed Jude since he was in juvie and not Callie?
1/17/2023 c9 Guest
I feel it should be different and the moms go to Callie and apologize that they thought it was her and she told them she was shocked that Mariana confessed.
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