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3/1 c27 7Missela
There are some big smiles on the faces of Abbie and Gracie as we finish this story. Thank you so much for giving us A Christmas to Remember!
3/1 c26 Missela
We liked this very much! The adoptions were perfect. I loved Bill's joking! I appreciated how Elizabeth and Nathan's answers helped them avoid trouble even though Bill was trying to stir the pot!

I love how you ended the chapter! It has definitely been a Christmas to remember!
3/1 c25 Missela
We loved the presents! The girls were surprised about the change from canon. Charlotte petting Sunny? But Charlotte is allergic to dogs! I told them that for this chapter she isn't.

They loved Allie's gift for Jack and were surprised at Jack getting a pony. They were convinced that he was getting a sled!
3/1 c24 Missela
We loved Jack's birthday party and you should have seen Abbie and Gracie's faces as Jack was riding Sergent all by himself!
2/22 c27 175nebula2
I'm sure the new year will bring their family lots of joy- and maybe a baby brother or sister! Thanks for being a part of the Holiday Fic Gift Exchange.
2/22 c25 nebula2
The ornaments from Elizabeth to the kids were a nice tradition for the kids. As for the journal, while I like the link to Allie getting stories from Archie about her mother, I would think that finding out about the journal like that would upset Elizabeth at first. That seems like a thing that Elizabeth should have been a part of.
2/22 c23 nebula2
I like that Bestsy is getting a home with the Weiese's! Opal with a little sister is adorable.
2/18 c20 nebula2
Opal helping Jack and Betsy build the snow bear was adorable!
2/18 c13 nebula2
Ah, Gabe Montgomery found his way out of the black hole huh. I like him being involved in the library.
2/10 c27 Karen Martin
Thank you again for another wonderful story! God bless you!
2/10 c26 Guest
Oh, the wonderful stories we could have seen on screen are right here on this page; Allie getting Elizabeth's pearls (calling her mom), The funny, lovable Bill doing the ceremony we should have seen, Rosemary's expressive remark, lovely family moments...sigh of happiness
2/10 c25 Guest
i'm so glad you have Charlotte sharing Christmas with Jack and the family. Allie gave Jack the perfect gift!
2/10 c24 Guest
My, what a tender, sweet,and sad moment when Jack rode Sargent all by himself. Thank you for writing it. I like that little Jack thinks about his father and will be taught about him.
2/10 c27 Rene
Good story. Thanks!
2/11 c7 nebula2
Jack's announcement of the wedding was cute. That is one way to get the news out. Poor old Rip - another casualty of the Hope Valley black hole...
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