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10/7/2023 c10 500AquaTurquoise
Aw, the first day of school! Lauren is sure growing up. I loved all the callbacks to everything, and I especially loved that you brought in Simon, Wesley, Sari, and the others for this chapter. Lauren and Sara are such a good duo, and I'm glad to see she's still protective over her. Their relationship has always reminded me a bit of Yami and Yugi from YGO! Thank you for treating the Jas death reminder with such grace. It's so appreciated, especially with how much respect people are showing. Really good chapter!

I've missed seeing your updates, so this made me so happy!
7/16/2023 c9 AquaTurquoise
Well, that was just absolutely adorable! I think I've got my fill of serotonin for the entire month. Lauren and Muscles working together to try to heal her bad mood was just precious. I think after all the drama from the previous experience, this was a nice balance and much needed bonding time between father and daughter. Good job!
6/10/2023 c8 AquaTurquoise
Oh, wow, this was so bittersweet but so wonderfully written. I'm glad you tackled this subject, because it was obviously going to be touchy and sensitive. I love the expression of love Jas and Muscles had for each other, and their desire to help their daughter. Good on Jas for not delving into details, because that's not something Lauren needs right now. Maybe she can learn more of the truth when she's older, but she still needs to be a kid right now. Also, love the touch with the curly hair! :) Mine is only super wavy, but the length takes time. I've always heard curls to just as much time and patience. ;)

Beautiful scene with Jas and Sofia too. I loved writing their friendship these past few years, and you've done a great job continuing it. The love and respect they have for each other is so beautiful. :) Hope Lauren can shake off this Cranston event and get back to herself, and I do hope Sara plays a role in that somehow. Meanwhile, I caught the reference to Lucienne's ribbon and final words to Jas. I about cried. :) Super sweet!
6/1/2023 c7 AquaTurquoise
Oh, wow, that was incredible! I was on the edge of my seat reading this. Cranston got what he deserved. How dare he attack that beautiful family! I'm glad Sara was there to do her thing, but I'm upset that Lauren had to experience that. I'm sure it'll impact her in some way; however, I know she's got a really good support system. You really nailed the terrible personality of Cranston Butterford. I'm impressed!

As far as posting that inspiration... I think I can handle that. ;) I've just got to work on a segue for it. Give me a little time and I'll see what I can do!
5/10/2023 c6 AquaTurquoise
I loved everything about this, especially how you approached the concept of Lauren having two dads. Children are naturally curious and often want to know why things don't fit into a stereotypical order. I think it's interesting how they approach things. I personally loved the dig that Lauren did to Reynaldo at the end, where she said her daddy's chose her but his mama was stuck with him. That was hilarious! She's a savage kid and we love to see it. Haha. I also still enjoy seeing Sara stick up for Lauren, protecting her as much as she can. I can't wait to see what you do next! I love reading for these adorable characters. thanks for keeping my love of Jas alive and doing him and Muscles justice.
5/6/2023 c5 AquaTurquoise
Aww! This was such a sweet addition to the story and really helped flesh out a lot of things. I love that you included Raquel and her connection with Niko. That was brilliantly done. :) And I also loved the parallels between Raquel and Sara. Nice touch. Everything's so great, especially with Daemno being brought back. lol Awesome work!
1/2/2023 c4 AquaTurquoise
I loved this chapter! I really loved seeing Isabella and Sara reuniting, and how that all played out. I love that mother's intuition really kicked in for her, and I'd love to see more on that as we go along. I'm curious where you'll go from here.

Everything was so perfect with this: the party, the connection with Jas and Muscles with the girls, the tender moments, and all that good stuff. Love it!
12/29/2022 c3 AquaTurquoise
Wow. Good riddance, honestly. I know second chances can happen, but what that man did was unforgivable. He denied her existence, then sold her, and then only wanted to see her to try to save himself. Selfish up to the very end. Meanwhile, the seahorse comment took me aback, but that was clever!

I love that Cedric and Sofia are able to support the guys in their decisions on how to help Sara and Lauren. Good friendship right there. Can't wait to see the next chapter!
12/26/2022 c2 AquaTurquoise
Aw, that was a really sweet update! I love the fact that you included Sofia's worry and anxiety about everything that happened with Sara. It's very realistic, especially after everything she's been through. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Also, just as a side note, I love the way you're writing for Jas. He sounds like my Jas, and I love it. Love the names for both Muscles (Papa) and Jas (Daddy). Super sweet!
12/23/2022 c1 AquaTurquoise
Aww, Creepy! This was a wonderful Wassailia surprise! :) I'm so happy to see what we discussed finally coming to fruition. You're doing an awesome job with Jas and Muscles. I can't wait to see what else you do with them! Merry Christmas/Happy Wassailia!

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