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for Memories of Ganyu

12/15/2023 c1 19Dragon and Sword Master
This was cute and I think you got the characters down quite well! That's the one thing I worry about and haven't taken the courage to write a fic for Genshin Impact despite Ganyu being my main / favorite.
12/23/2022 c1 xSnvwyy
Finallllyyy a Lumine story! On top of that it's so cute too! I really like the gameplay references being incorporated into your story as well, it's always a humorous thought to imagine your current party watching you do a small prayer and start hurtling Fates at the sky in hopes of one of them turning gold. But nonetheless, I enjoyed this, Lumine and Ganyu is a wonderful pairing and I look forward to your future Genshin works if they'll be anything like this one. Ok, my winded rant is over. Take care!

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