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for In The Coils of a Serpent

5/23 c10 Sons of death
Dang I still love it. Heir gaunt is so fun to think about.
5/22 c10 Lawbringer
This story is so deliciously dark! I wait eagerly for your next updates!
5/22 c10 Park Otsutsuki
Awesome chapter. Now they have all of eternity to themselves. Honestly, this is really the only thing Harry's got left. Because everyone and everything is ruined for him at this point. Everyone in his life, has manipulated him and use him. This is one of the better outcomes. Considering the circumstances
5/19 c9 Park Otsutsuki
Yes, Justice! Long live the best ending. Literally, is the only ending for harry. He has nothing left.
5/19 c9 Sons of death
I love your version of Voldemort. Her calling Harry dodger is just so perfect to me and I love it.
5/6 c8 bao-earthdragon
Personally I vote for: Coils ending ;)
5/1 c8 Park Otsutsuki
Coil Ending, but maybe right a chapter for both endings.
4/28 c8 Azariots
Delphini happy end
4/21 c8 1Aguywhodied
I’m voting for the coil ending. That being said, I think it would be interesting if at the end, Harry wakes up and realizes that it was all some sick fantasy of his and he’s still in hogwarts.
4/21 c7 LightenedShadow
Also the song Para-noir by Marilyn Manson fits this story really well.
4/20 c8 LightenedShadow
I think a coil ending would work well. I have read a few stories with a Harry that falls like this but turns back. I like that this story reminds me of The Devil In Me. Which was one of my favorite Harry falling to the dark sideand staying with it stories.
4/20 c8 shawncenter86
the coils ending
4/18 c8 Lawbringer
I'm gonna be real I love the twisted direction of this story so much I really want the coils ending. But on the other hand a daring and triumphant rescue does make a good story. If I had to pick I would say keep it twisted buuuuuut I'm one of those assholes who wants both slices of this delicious treat so I would hope desperately that ya would write both lol. Love all of your works and I wait with baited breath to see your next updates!
4/18 c8 Kevo619
The second ending seems like the better option in my opinion. Also... we will get Harry x Mommy Voldie sex scene? Been waiting for it for far too long
4/16 c8 HPkingt
Maybe Delphini dies on a mission, which makes Dodger and Voldemort closer, leading to them being together?
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