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3/11 c5 HughJasz
I told myself I wouldn't read this story after the first chapter but my curiosity and boredom have gotten the better of me. This story is truly fucked up in the most heinous of ways.

I can't help but compare Delphini and Voldemort to Fleur in your Champions story and I have to say I really dislike that there are quite a few parallels. I can't help but think that the author idealizes very very fucked up relationships which just can't be healthy in any manner.

This whole thing just has me sad and angry at basically everyone. This was terrible.
2/7 c4 Matthaus117
Update more if possible
2/7 c4 Sons of death
how will Delphini react.
2/7 c4 Liamtheharrypotterfan
This is fucked up and I’m all for it! Bravo!
2/7 c4 rolandrichardson16
You ruined it, the first 3 chapters were VERY fucking close to unacceptable but the 4th goes way past that line. "Everyone dies fuck you readers go eat a dick. Weasleys? They all die and Ginny is brutally tortured fuck you. Hermione? Her family is slaughtered and she is brutally tortured, gangraped by werewolves, and then killed fuck you readers I'm a dumb fucking cunt. Literally all the other likeable characters? I describe their deaths in a few paragraphs because FUCK YOU READERS! I do what I want! Now let's read about daRRrRch LeiDEE VoldEmORt and how she LEEEEERVS hEry."
2/7 c4 MidnightGlasses
I simply adore your stories. The effort you put into your work is simply astonishing.

Can't wait to read more of your work.
2/7 c4 qwe123
A very unique story, I enjoyed it very much. Wonder if Harry will find out what Delphini did to Ginny and Hermione... Poor Dodger, his only mother figure is the lady who killed his biological mother. Hope he finds some happiness in the next chapter.
2/7 c4 1Soph Soph Riddle
Does Voldemort loved Harry ? I'm very curious to understand, and i would like to say thank you for doing such an amazing short story, i would be happy if you continued the other voldemort x harry you have, but i'm taking everything i can now, thank you boy!
2/7 c4 iamshinydragonmist
whoop whoop I'm hoping that Harry gets to leave after this. I mean if there is no resistance remaining and Harry has grown a few years he should look somewhat different. I wonder what surname delphini's ana Harry's children will have if you have them have children
2/7 c4 6IKage7
Dark, dangerous and entertaining. Easily explains the how and why as well as a nice passage of time and reason for keeping him around.

Looking forward to the next chapter of both stories.
2/7 c4 2Child of Fate 9204
Almost thought this was the last chapter.
This is one of the best dark Harry Potter fics for me.
The wait for the last chapter might be worth but this chapter is one of my fav chapters.
Ruling the Minister of Magic, killing Dumbledore and his allies, and bringing Harry to the dark side in just one chapter. Amazing!
2/2 c3 ForTheHonor
Couple things.
First let me state that I like smut. Both with and without plot. I also very much enjoy femdom. In both cases the more explicit and graphic/detailed the better. But the first 2 chapters were a bit outside even my tastes
Second it is a great credit to your writing that I read those chapters and continued reading. If you were lesser I would have given up already
Chapter three I started to get a little more into it and was actually hoping it would get more graphic/detailed. And by the end I was curious as to where things go.
2/2 c3 qwe123
Well, here's hoping Tamsyn won't eat Harry as soon as she's got her own body...
2/1 c3 6IKage7
Very nice chapter, Harry slowly descending into darkness by trying to return Tam's abuse as she guides on a string to the graveyard and her real self. it will be interesting to see what happens to him next and if he is even alive much longer.
2/1 c3 landixe
I remember another fanfiction where harry was called Dodger by a female Voldemort.
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