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for Metal Gear: Abyss Rising

3/6 c1 Guest
Sorry, didn't really like this 1. Gonna skip the rest.
2/10 c2 2PureSalty101
You're a madman. You've turned Metal Gear RAY into an anime girl.

... Not complaining tho...
2/10 c2 Rak0s
Holy shit,a Metal Gear Ray's about to teach another Ray...The Rules Of Nature...
2/9 c2 Dasgun
2/8 c2 14RG4D3G4
Horaaay, this story lives. On another note, this was interesting, considering there's only 2 "sea capable" Metal gear, RAY and Outer Haven (To my knowledge)
1/1 c1 Guest
Interesting. It's not just the Desperado Ray, we have the Original Metal Gear Ray, and Metal Gear Rex. This only makes me wonder about Metal Gear ZEKE, the AI weapons Cocoon, Pupa, Chrysalis, and Basilisk/Peace Walker? Or the Walker Gears, the Battle Gear, Sahelanthropus, and the later Gear models? This, should prove very interesting indeed.

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