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2/25/2023 c9 Cheleesa95
this was adorable! wouldn't mind having a sequel to it!
1/24/2023 c9 Castle4Eva
lovely, thank you!
1/24/2023 c8 Castle4Eva
I love those ginger chews. I just wish they were around all those years ago when I was seriously nauseous for months on end.
1/24/2023 c7 Castle4Eva
The whole Castle family (and you) have a massive case of the Sunday Scaries.
1/23/2023 c6 Castle4Eva
hmm, another Caskett baby? wonderful!
1/23/2023 c5 Castle4Eva
she's very flexible ;-)
1/23/2023 c3 Castle4Eva
loved this chapter.
1/23/2023 c1 Castle4Eva
Getting to this a little late, but I am still looking forward to some holiday spirit, Caskett style.
1/21/2023 c9 Guest
Thank you
1/20/2023 c9 gngoa
Thank our for continuing to write 'bout the Caskett-verse.
1/15/2023 c9 Guest
Beautiful beautiful beautiful

Perfect story for the Christmas season and for the post series Castle universe

Extraordinary story and writing from you

You are a gift in giving us your stories

Thank you for sharing your words with us and keeping Caskett alive and thriving

Thank you for giving the gift of Joy
1/15/2023 c8 Guest
Beautiful beautiful beautiful

Lol Rick has figured it out and it was so sweet and loving

Caskett and family always and forever

Thank you for sharing your talents with us
1/15/2023 c7 Guest
I also know exactly how Lily and you feel
I had 12 days off during Christmas and New Year's and I didn't want to go back to work
I remember when I was small and when the month of December ends Christmas is over you get a bit deflated, melancholy

Loving Lily and Reece and Jake

Rick and Kate are such good parents and a new baby is coming:)) Rick and the kids and Jim and Martha and Alexis are going to be ecstatic

Thank you for sharing
1/15/2023 c6 Guest
Beautiful and amazing and omg I just realized the signs of and Rick missed lol Kate is pregnant :)))))))


Thank you for sharing
Caskett and family always and forever
1/15/2023 c5 Guest
Jim is a brave granddad to watch 3 rambunctious Castle children lol to let Rick and Kate have a date night out :))
Sweet sweet update
Love love love seeing Caskett and their children and family as it should have been
Thank you for keeping this family alive and thriving with your extraordinary stories

Thank you for sharing
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