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for Let Your Heart Be Light

1/15/2023 c4 Guest
Nice to see Jim and Jim happy to be with his family,his grandchildren
Beautiful story

Thank you
1/15/2023 c3 Guest
Lol I remember those little arguments about costs and gloves and hard when the little monsters where little and we went out in winter to get out of make snow men

Beautifully written
Caskett and family always
1/15/2023 c2 Guest
Another wonderfully written chapter
Lol oh yea pancakes they way to say Thank you
Caskett and family always and forever

Thank you for sharing
1/15/2023 c1 Guest
Beautiful beautiful
Caskett and family at its best from you
You are a special writer
Thank you for this amazing gift of this story

I know I am late to this story but Christmas actually ends on Candlemas which is February 2 :)) the presentation of the Lord
So merry Christmas and Happy New year

:)) Thank you for sharing your words with us
1/15/2023 c9 aussiecate
Thank you for this wonderful Caskett Christmas story. Would love for you to explore this AU more in the future :)
1/12/2023 c8 aussiecate
Woohoo! I can’t quite imagine the level of insanity that the Castle household would take on with 4 kids, well 5 if you count Rick ;)
1/12/2023 c7 aussiecate
Awwwww, very sweet :)
1/12/2023 c6 aussiecate
Ooooh, that was a twist I was not expecting! This story is a delight to read :)
1/11/2023 c9 94bingblot
Aww, very cute and sweet. Thank you for this story! And please keep on writing about Caskett! (More about their new little one would be nice.).
1/11/2023 c8 bingblot
I was honestly expecting Kate might actually end up throwing up in her office to be the big clue but this was much nicer and sweeter.
1/11/2023 c7 bingblot
Oh, Lily is just a darling. And Kate comforting her is the sweetest thing.
1/11/2023 c6 bingblot
It's sweet that Kate and Jim have their little private vulnerable moment at the beginning. And now, Jim could be a detective himself... what a New Year's surprise for Castle!
1/11/2023 c5 bingblot
As nice as the sweet moments are, it is rather good to get the mention of normal kid fights too.
1/11/2023 c4 bingblot
Oh this is so sweet and a little poignant. I do love Jim and it's nice to see him so happy with his grandkids.
1/11/2023 c3 bingblot
Aww, I love how married Castle and Beckett are, tag-teaming to get the kids to bundle up and talking about Jim the way they do.
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