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1/7/2023 c9 61Pen to Paper Writer
As usual, you bring these characters to life in a way I have never read before. As far as I know, you're the only writer who has made season 8 and beyond worth reading. Everybody knows that season 8 was a train wreck in progress but the way you write these characters is so wholesome and loving that it seems that we're reading an actual account of someone who is married living in New York City with three children and one more on the way.

I really do hope that you keep this universe moving forward because it is probably one of the best stories out there. Thank you for keeping us entertained especially on these short cold days. :)
1/7/2023 c9 DX2012
Thank you for another fabulous Castle family story.
1/7/2023 c9 rina123nike
Awesome story, so sweet - thank you so much
1/7/2023 c9 8KBRC87
That's a sweet story. Thanks for writing and sharing.
I especially like the chapters with Jim. You did a really good job on the interactions between Kate and her father.

If the due date is August 9th, the baby could have been conceived through great sex on November 17th. That's how I understand Kate's comment about her birthday.
1/7/2023 c9 24Kat2107
It was a perfect ending. Although I'm a bit sad it's over :( It was a great story, hope to read more from you in the future
1/7/2023 c9 81Garrae
Lovely, sweet fic. Thank you.
1/6/2023 c9 life's a mystery
great story…
1/6/2023 c9 Jbug47
1/6/2023 c9 hfce
Aww I am so sad this is over all ready. It kept the holidays around a little longer. Now with this end it is officially closed. Thank you for this beautiful story.
1/6/2023 c9 19wendykw
I was 1 of 4 kids, so were my parents. So that's a good number. Although I guess with Alexis that makes 5. Thanks for the holiday fic. Maybe in August you can write a sequel with the birth of Caskett baby #4.
1/6/2023 c9 70TankW1
One would think that Kate and Rick wouldn't be so excited about another kid now, at their ages. I'm guessing that this one wasn't expected. They'll be grandpa and grandma ages when this new one gets to be a teenager. Poor Rick, he'll have to watch out so that he doesn't break a hip playing with the latest. ;)

stay safe
1/6/2023 c9 Caskett1963
Absolutely loved this story, you continue to write them so well.
1/6/2023 c9 sasans
Great final chapter for a story I have loved. thank you so much for your time and writing.
1/6/2023 c9 9theputz913
Loved this, but I thought Kate’s birthday was in November?
1/6/2023 c9 SuzyJane82
This is such a great sweet fluffy fic. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it. I love it.
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