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for Harry Potter stranded in Alagaёsia

5/16 c33 Raziel89
Dude this is absolutely awesome so far...keep up the fantastic work and update asap
5/15 c24 9K. M. Donovan
i am saying this right now. if old tommy boy is somehow still alive and in alagaesia? i will abandon this story in a heartbeat.

leave the bastard dead. he does not deserve a revival.
5/4 c14 4Druss the Legend
Your Harry gets no respect! Everyone just does what they want in regards to him. Basically, he's dancing to others tune. It's like he traded in Dumbledore for Brom. It's a little disappointing.
5/2 c33 sylnael.floch
I'll temper my previous reviews. This is frankly a good story. I still disagree a lot with several plot choices, but I guess that's fine, it's easy to criticize when I'm not the one writing it.

Thanks for the story.
5/1 c18 sylnael.floch
It's amazing how the author makes Harry particularly useless or harmless in fights but utterly powerful and summoning phoenixes where a simple reparo would have done the job...
5/1 c16 sylnael.floch
I don't understand ... this story is a crossover. The goal is to explore what an alien like Harry with alien magic would influence in the world of Eragon and enjoy the ride.

So why, why, WHY? Why deciding to pop some random other character that are clearly secondary and overall subpar in HP cannon, but also give to the big villain of this story the exact same advantage that Harry have against him ?

That's the DUMBEST scenaristic choice ever!

You could also decided that Harry lost his legs and arms and just crawl for the rest of the story ...
5/1 c5 sylnael.floch
Harry potter without magic will get old very fast, to be frank it already is.
4/25 c33 Akvis
4/15 c32 Glitner
gonna come here an complain again :'D , your making the dragons seem like normal pets again im fine with harry and artemis relationship , but making others ride them willy nilly if its not in mortal danger is a big no and like lily did jumping between artemis and saphira while standing on their backs lol no dragon vould have allowed that lol, their pride makes even elfs pride look silly .. most elf in the books even the queen vould almost bend backwards and prostate themself infront of saphire lol here they all are " yo dragon girl whats up wanna come and hang out wanna maybe get a drink later" thats how your writing is making it out to be ... i love your writing but as i said earlier ... harry is to much of a drama queen he has emotional control of a 5 year old ,dragons have been made to be silly pets.. and all the remenising about hogwarts like comon ur like 40 year or something stop acting like a fucking child already
4/15 c31 Glitner
why is it so much drama all the time ... its like an episode of vampire diaries but instead school setting its fantasy elf settings , all harry does is moan and "cries" about how hard life was he always talks about hogwarts blablabla jesus man get over yourself , yes wow you went to a magic school cool now its time to move on you went there for 7 years and but the dude is fucking old asf now yet he acts like that was his whole life i honestly dont see the problem why he even still have these kinds of emotional feelings towards that part of his life, time makes almost everything dull sure it might not heal but it will make most of the sting from it go away and how old is he again like 30-40 something that should have made many things go away but they are like fucking 13 year olds with their emotions ... wow that was a big rant , but i cant help it , its annoying seeing a grown ass man having emotions like a 13 year old with puberty .. fuck eragon is the one who have lost people most recent yet he is the normal one ? .. and he is 16 jesus fuck
4/15 c33 Bearsona09
Uuuuh, great chapter! I can smell one or two brooding conflicts :D
The Horcrux revelation will not go smoothly.

Gertrude was brutal to Roran. Nice one.
4/15 c33 BlakeT1996
what a curveball at the end, cant wait to see where his goes !
4/14 c33 MARDONSGT
Great story. Just found it and read all 33 chapters.
Thank you for sharing.
Looking forward to the next chapte.
4/14 c33 2Lordlexx
You put "Dorn" rather than "Thorn" in the first section. But other than that it was a good chapter.
4/14 c33 TwinstarDragon
More please
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