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2/22 c1 kyletheemojew
Learn the power difference between my hero and one piece please for everyone’s sake
2/6 c3 N1cok
It's been months and I still have no idea what's happening in the first scene of this story. My previous comment from the last chapter still stands.
1/9 c2 N1cok
Why are the Whitebeards going easy on them and trying not to kill them? If you had them act realistically and to their character they wouldn't have forgiven them for slaughtering the villagers. At first I thought they were from MHA world but that also seems wrong because of that girl's abilities. Either they aren't from there or they were buffed to make them stronger and faster considering fast that girl is. Or maybe you nerfed the One Piece world so they are on par with them for some reason?
1/2 c1 drewbear89
Well Dabi is already dead, seriously trying to challenge someone who has the power to destroy the world without even being at least a city level threat. Also, he can't even harm Ace if he wants because he is immune to fire and is made of fire xD
12/31/2022 c1 10Grimlock987
Dabi’s an idiot
12/31/2022 c1 kasania11
Lol one earthquake in his head and boom

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