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for Maelstrom of UA

6/4 c5 slicc
Whens is the next chapter coming out
5/7 c5 Haseo187
The ending made me choke on my drink! I hope you keep up the good work because this story has been awesome so far!
4/21 c2 19Otsutsuki no Yami
its a bit ridiculous that naruto only can handle 30%. he isnt a normal human. practical alien, his body i already conditioned to handle power like his own chakra, lets not forget bijuu power its patical one for all is a bucket comparing with his own power. correct tis mistake please
4/17 c5 1Slimjimmy0202
Amazing story i love it cant wait for the next chapter
4/16 c5 1bayoujmd89
Patiently waiting for an update to keep up the good work
4/7 c5 80YeagerMeister31
Another good chapter soon the one on one battles begin can't wait for this.
4/7 c4 YeagerMeister31
Another good chapter Naruto kicks ass and now has some great motivation to win.
4/7 c3 YeagerMeister31
Another amusing chapter Izuku not being at the school is a new one, liking the story so far.
4/7 c2 YeagerMeister31
Well, this is getting good Naruto's already met soe characters I hope he gets with Momo she's my fav girl.
4/7 c1 YeagerMeister31
Seems interesting so fa aged up Naruto to 18 though. look forward to more.
4/5 c5 Guest
Cannot wait to read more.
3/30 c2 14Rubius
Wonder how naruto/Karama will act with momo, class 1B girls and Mei? Plz keep up the great work, this story is very interesting.
3/28 c5 Krixian
no stop! I can only get so erected. D-d-d-dope fuckin chapter
3/26 c5 Borello
really good and funny work
3/25 c5 Guest
like the growth from the girls naruto trained
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