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3/9 c6 2willam and jack and jake
3/4 c6 drew1998
Brilliant can’t wait for more
2/12 c6 James3reed
This story just gets better and better. After everything that Arthur and Molly have done, I wouldn't blame Harry if he made House Weasley his slaves to take care of that threat without killing them. This is going to be another one of my favorites and I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/12 c6 Jostanos
DRS Matsuo/Sylt: To answer your question from Chapter 3, DZ: I have been on hiatus until recently.
*ahem* That being said...

Ladies and gentle idiots, May I present your new Lord and Master, nay _DIETY!_:
DRAGON LORD HARRISON JAMES POTTER-BLACK! *bows theatrically in his human form*

*Looks up from his bow to read DZ Notes* Hmm?
Rather easily I think. *narrows his eyes* Yes "think" and not "believe" because I do not believe that he would last the summer easily. I just think that he may. :)
Perhaps. It depends on how you read into things. That is if you read anything at all. :P
*frowns* You didn't like that? THEN YPOU SHOULDN'T READ AT ALL! HA! XD
*ahem* No comment.

Both DRS Matsuo/Sylt and myself: Please continue when you may, DZ! *eye smiles*
2/9 c6 Juan Antonio Dircio Quezada
Me encanta tu historia, ojalá puedas incluir a Luna en el equipo de Harry
2/9 c6 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
2/9 c6 3WhiteElfElder
Someone needs to tend to Molly, maybe play around with her mind to be a bit gentler and quieter in the process?
2/9 c6 BlindFaunusGirl
Was happy to see the update. Good chapter. Liked Molly being put in her place. Looking forward to what you have in store next.
2/9 c6 17nagiten
nice very nice wonder what other refs were used hmm?
i admit i didnt notice them they were there and i didnt notice them or really pay thrm much mind since some of them i either didnt know since i havent watched some in a while or at all. and other have become overused
refrences[Alladins cave big bad wolf decorator ] havent seen as far as i can remember [ you've been framed] or havent seen in a while[liar liar magic sword spell binding circle] they are nice refs though .
hope u are well friend
1/28 c5 Guest
We never get good evil Harry stories like this anymore! Please keep it going :)
1/25 c5 2willam and jack and jake
very well done can't wait to read more
1/24 c4 willam and jack and jake
nice very nice
1/24 c3 willam and jack and jake
very interesting
1/24 c2 willam and jack and jake
1/24 c1 willam and jack and jake
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