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for I wish we could turn back time

9/5 c3 1BrianShooter672
This fiction definitely got me curious and mostly exciting. I hope your reading this comment Author cause i'm definitely looking forward forward for the next One by the way

1. Nice job on adding Uta and Pochita staying with Luffy, no doubt Luffy going to convince Ace and Sabo join him as well along with training them in Haki but also Rokushiki.

2. In this timeline, Looks like Zoro save Kuina from Misfortune death and convinced her to join the Straw Hat along with his father and Grandfather. But awesome idea on Recruiting Yosaku and Johnny in the Fleet along with Hawk-Eye Mihawk, can't wait to see Don Krieg Face went he find out that Luffy is his Captain.

3.I wonder who's Sanji gonna recruit into the Fleet, i hope he convinced her Sister Reiju to join him as well even known she's a Enhanced Human by Judge but she's still have her Humanity like Sanji.
9/3 c3 Guest
You have my attention
2/12 c3 mikely908win
This fic has some great potential I look forward to the next chapter
1/7 c1 Ellagueado
Muy interesante el fic

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