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6/7/2023 c11 Average crackhead
thanks for the chapter
6/7/2023 c11 RageSage
Loved the story so far, eager to read the next chapter!
6/6/2023 c11 Ejam05
Another great chapter, keep up the great work
6/6/2023 c11 Null
Hmm...I see where his mom is going with this.

And yeah, things will definitely blow up in his face once everything come around and they figure out he's doing this to just mess with Jean. Which, maybe funny for him, is not so for everyone involved, especially if this does lead to an altered version of Jean's story quest from the game.

He probably does need this, a battlefield where strength means nothing and he can't just change things or make people forget his manipulative f*ck ups, if this is heading where I think it's heading that is.
6/6/2023 c11 GoTeam
Out of curiosity which world is carmine in?
6/6/2023 c11 Guest
What would be funny is that Crimson doesn't learn his lesson, and just say that it's their fault for being so dumb and paranoid.
Character development? Booooooring.
6/7/2023 c11 5DeadKing24712
Also Lisa getting fucked nxt xD
6/7/2023 c10 DeadKing24712
Also review for Chappie 11… Is Carmine's World Konosuba?That's the only anime world I know that has a terrible Demon Lord
6/7/2023 c11 DeadKing24712
Hmmm something can make Crimson serious… either an OC.. or a powered up Deity/Boss that's gonna come out of Genshin
6/7/2023 c1 1runelt99
Oh and I guess that Carmine is in konosuba. If Crimson's lesson is to get responsibility then Carmine's is to chill out and have fun
6/6/2023 c11 Nova Sudana
I want to know who Carmine looks like :)
Also thanks for update author-san ;)
6/6/2023 c11 T-B-R
cant wait when this all blows up and he just laughs in Jeans face lol.
6/6/2023 c11 runelt99
Ah library segggs, kinky
6/6/2023 c11 runelt99
Bruh he can ignore invincibility frames... That's the op part about him smh
6/6/2023 c11 Charlie1284
Thanks for the great chapter
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