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for Draconic Impact

2/22 c16 Eric
Thanks for the chapter
2/22 c16 demissedwaifu
To Liyue we go~
2/22 c16 Average crackhead
2/22 c16 1runelt99
While you do intend for this to be a power fantasy, I do hope you have some plans for character development via that chekovs gun from his mother.

Either from Aether unleashing his power due to misunderstanding Crimson did cuz it was funny or maybe an archon doing something.

Also is Aether a yandere or a siscon?
2/22 c16 runelt99
Bro is addicting girls and then intends to go to other regions, although that could end funny

Jean: finally he is running to another region, I won't have to deal with him!

Crimson: kage bushin no jutsu!

Jean: noooooooooo
2/22 c16 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter hilarious intro for Aether and lovely small lemon for my favorite GI girl.
2/13 c1 Kirby The God Eater
Mr. Mikikyu out here spitting fax
2/9 c15 Mr. Mimikyu
Honestly dude, I'll drop this one. I wasn't planning to make a review and be the "hater" or anything, but this fic basically turned into a glorified porn story.
Every chapter is just focusing on how Crimson fucks or arouses some girl next to him, and when there's a change of perspective to another character, is just to tell how "horny" or attracted they are to the mc. I would ignore these things if Crimson was a interesting character, but even his whole personality is lame, he's literally the phrase: "I'm hot, powerful and nobody can tell me what to do".
It's just lame and tiresome. How am I supposed to care about him if he's just a douchebag that ruins the life of everyone who doesn't kneel and lick his boots? I just feel annoyed and exasperated whenever I read this fic. And what is the deal about the interactions with his sister? Was that a way to show the "caring" and "good" side of him? Because if it was, it really didn't change my point of view.
Again, I'm not trying to be a hater or anything, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you, it's up to you to listen or to ignore it.
2/7 c15 Charlie1284
Another great chapter thanks
2/6 c15 T-B-R
lol Kaeya not having a good time, while Lisa is having a good time(in a way)
2/6 c15 ilikefreedom
Bruh. And so the chaos spreads.
2/5 c15 Uday Sra
2/5 c15 arturojrx18
Ngl... there was as much character progression as there was smut, which is a lot!
2/5 c15 FrostyMan122
Good stuff.
2/5 c15 Kaede
Thanks for the chapter
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