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1/16/2023 c1 Guest
Harem?... so i knew you probably have some episodes written but i hope theres.
Crimson f*cking so hard Lumine, that she forgot her twin.
Paimon drinking their love fluid when Carmine and Lumine are f*cking, because she's glutton and love Crimson special milk
Crimson f*cking Amber like a rabbit, fast and strong.
Crimson grab Barbara booty, beucase yknow is the best butt of all Genshin; and f*cking her so hard than she become a loyal devote to Crimson instead Barbatos.
Noelle give a service to Crimson cleaning his c**k
Crimson milking Ganyu.
Lumine tempting Klee to taste the oni-chan's dragon "milk"
Crimson f*cking Keqing so hard than she become a believe of god, no Morax, but Crimson.
F*cking Lumine again
Crimson also becoming Yae a true vixen, yknow desperate of his "dragon" scene.
Sadly Raiden isnt f*ckeable cause a puppet dont have hole :(
Dont forget f*cking the divine priestess of Watatsumi Kokomi and become the divine priest.
Obviously f*cking Lumine another time.
After free Nahida, use his power for make her grow and bless her breeding her with a dragon's child.
1/16/2023 c1 T-B-R
well this started off pretty sweet, hope for ch2 soon, poor Paimon cant catch a break lol, being called fat fairy needs to be a recurring thing.
1/14/2023 c1 Black
1/14/2023 c1 1runelt99
Can't wait for crimson to procrastinate, get info from his sister and go 'aw hell no I will not be that far behind!'
1/13/2023 c1 1KnightBloom
A laid back smutty gamer fic in Genshin AND the mc is sorta a dragon? SIGN ME UP
1/12/2023 c1 Black
1/11/2023 c1 Null
Oh hey! You made a story for Genshin, this should be neat. Looking forward to what you'll deliver.

And yeah, I'm more than alright for slice of life stuff, some fluff and character interactions should be good, and you do have a knack for it, as I've seen from your previous stories.

I'm very curious on how you'll portray Lumine, she is one of my favorites, especially for fics that do a good job of portraying her. I think my favorite interpretations are the one's where she is somewhat genre savvy or knows a lot of modern stuff or concepts from other fantasy worlds, thanks to her experience as a traveler with her twin.

Should make for a good start for both Crimson and Lumine, on top of familiar family relations, like two isekai protagonist just sharing references and jokes no one gets as the natives stare at the two foreigners incredulously.

If not, that's more than alright, I have trust in how you'll do things, you are a pretty good writer, and I'm just here for the ride. Looking forward to how all this develops.
1/11/2023 c1 Guest B
You ever get that feeling where you just know something's about to be REALLY good?
That's this.
1/12/2023 c1 AngeleX12
Huh... interesting idea and it's well written. Looking forward to more.
1/11/2023 c1 Uday Sra
1/11/2023 c1 Loghead101
Admittedly I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t a new chapter of Optimistic, but I saw that it was a Genshin Impact and since a month and a half ago that game has single-handedly taken over my life and just a little of my wallet. So that brought a little excitement. Now you say this is going to be a much more chill story that focuses on waifu collecting, sign me up brother!
1/11/2023 c1 Poharan
Pair of twins, double the fun, i guess Carmine was sended 500 before for fuc- i mean meet Aether? XD
1/11/2023 c1 4Okaze
Huh. Well this is certainly an interesting idea.
1/11/2023 c1 Raging Drake
You finally brought it to FFN! That’s great!
1/11/2023 c1 Uchiha jin
update soon
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