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for What Family is For

8/25 c1 LuckyMe1
I have really enjoyed your stories and the alternate reality you have created for the Winchesters.

How did your first supernatural convention go? Although they are very expensive, they have never been a waste of money for us but always a very entertaining weakend.
2/11 c1 kandilyn
hope you had a great time. don't let your family make you feel bad. you do what makes you happy. love your stories.
1/13 c1 Wolfgirl2013
Congrats And Make Another Of This,This Is Cool
1/13 c1 scootersmom
Have fun at the convention! I wish I could go!
I enjoyed your story!
1/12 c1 Kathy
that's so exciting! Great treat for your birthday, Enjoy! Nice that John called Dean to be with Sam and good thing he did, nice brotherly story

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